Monday Crumbs - Aotearoa vs Australia, Long May It Continue

When I first experienced waking up on a Monday morning, reflecting on a glorious weekend of sport and trying to put it in to words, I honestly didn't know when the next opportunity to do it all over again would come. Thankfully, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, it's happening nearly every damn weekend!

There's only one place to start, but it's been well fleshed out so we won't dwell here for too long. The Black Caps touching up the Aussies, just a wee bit.

I think I've come full circle here as the more we can stay in the moment the better. Sure, we need to keep an eye on the rest of the World Cup, sure the Australians probably won't bat like that again and sure all our boasting, bravado and general shit talking will almost definitely come back to bite us in the backside.

Just ask Glenn Maxwell.

But who cares? For that moment, the joy of beating Australia was the only thing that mattered. We all know that we've waited a long time for that game, the Australians didn't see us as worthy of regular competition and rightfully so ... remember when we sucked at cricket?

That cricket game on Saturday was simply an epic trans-Tasman battle. Any time Aotearoa plays Australia in sport, that buzz/vibe/feeling is what we get all worked up about. Sport is all about franchises these days and we're in a special position where the sports we love, are mainly based on international competition, international competition is the pinnacle - rugby, rugby league, cricket, netball, football and so on. 

The rivalry between us and Australia is the best thing about being a kiwi. 

We're the underdog, they're the big brother and our relationship is one that is truly unique.

Everything is in good jest. 

Banter has become a word that is now basically an excuse for bullying, but whereas other countries might get sensitive or resort to violence, we and the Aussies can take the banter, accept it and flip it right back at ya. It's a beautiful thing.

It's obviously enhanced by the fact that the New Zealand Breakers are back in the NBL finals and will hopefully once again grab the title. They will now face the Cairns Taipans in the finals series after ridding themselves of the pesky Adelaide 36ers, as usual you shouldn't read my jibber jabber about the Breakers, keep an eye out for the Wildcard's Fast Break Report.

At various stages this season both the Breakers and the Wellington Phoenix have been at the forefront of Aotearoa's sporting assault on Australia and the Nix are back on the wagon. The shocked the Melbourne Victory yesterday with a 3-2 win thanks to  a Nathan Burns winner. Unfortunately for the Victory, this was a bit of an occasion with Archie Thompson (the great) celebrating his 200th game ... sorry mate.

Umm, so we've got the best golfer in the world and she's 17 years old. When, serious question now, when does Lydia Ko become the face of all golf? She may already be, but why should we say 'best female golfer' and all that when there isn't much action from the men's side?

Obviously I'm not fully educated in the ways of golf, but that's the thing as golf on the men's side hasn't produced a golfer who transcends the sport and enters the radar of Steve - the average punter. Lydia Ko has a chance to be the face of all of golf, to be the game changer and if she keeps winning tournaments as she did at the NZ Open she's going to be impossible to ignore. 

Lydia, I love you.

Shout out to the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic as well. With the ANZ Championship gettting underway over the weekend, the most feel good effort spreading the positive vibes like butter were the Magic as their young squad who many counted out, took care of the Adelaide Thunderbirds 45-44 away from home. 

Without talisman/lady Casey Kopua, the Magic had to rally in behind Leanna de Bruin with shooter Malia Paseka and Kopua's replacement Kristiana Manu'a shining. Paseka had a great impact as she came on and made 14/18 shots as the Magic got their season off to a flyer. 

Ricardo Christie doesn't have the easiest start to his World Surfing League campaign, but it's a perfect platform to impress from. He takes on the experienced Aussie Taj Burrow, hopefully Christie can continue the trans-Tasman joy!