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Yeah, I can do alliteration really well. Shout out to Kevin Locke, keep being you sir. Heaven forbid our sportsmen and women have a personality. In fact, you'd struggle to find a kiwi who has traveled around the world who hasn't done something like this. Chill the fuck out yo.

Protesters in Barcelona drumming in the streets. Thought I'd jump in and spice it up a bit. #seriousface 💃

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We start our Friday look at the sporting world with the boss dog of the NZ Breakers Richard Clarke keeping it positive.  Clarke is probably in the best position of all the different NBL franchise boss dogs to put a positive spin on the NBL's current situation as the Breakers are currently on cloud 9, but he was quick to point out that the administration process of both the Wollongong Hawks and Townsville Crocs isn't the end of the world.

I'm no financial genius/lawyer so it would be wrong for me to analyze the administration process, but it feels like this is all a stepping stone. It's a stepping stone, but the NBL is taking a backwards step to get things sorted. That's what I'm hoping anyway because if the franchises that need to sort their shit out and the NBL can slightly tinker with their systems, different deals and figure out a way to get the NBL product to fans in a highly competitive sporting market, it'll be job done. 

If I were the NBL, I would be taking a leap of faith into the internet, like a beautiful plunge into crystal clear water. TV deals help greatly, but if you nail the product with all the bells and whistles ... I mean the TV coverage of game two of the finals didn't even include a shot clock and if you ask the heartiest of NBL fans, there's a whole host of mishaps like this each week. 

Australians and Kiwis like basketball, basketball is peaking right now but the market is saturated with sport so it'd be nice to see some innovation and creativity. That will help the NBL stand out without relying on a broadcaster to offer a lifeline.

Shout out to Corey Webster as well, who will be heading to Europe to finish the season now his duties with the Breakers are done. Smart move all round.

Reading that Lydia Ko's whanau accepted some moolah from a Korean bank, roughly $100,000 worth of moolah was pretty weird. While there's some less than ideal circumstances as to how the money was given to Ko's whanau - via the Korean Society of Auckland charity, it's hard to kick up much of a fuss about it.

The circumstances are definitely funky, but aslong as Ko doesn't feel indebted to Korea and the Korean Development Bank, it's all good. Ko probably couldn't find someone to throw $100k her way in Aotearoa even though she's the best female golfer in the world, so I'm not going to complain about someone supporting her. A note of advice though, keep it transparent or else murky little dealings like this become the norm ... and you start to resemble a politician.

It was all action at the Quiksilver Pro, the opening event in the World Surfing League. First of all Ricardo Christie, the kiwi surfing soldier lost in the 2nd round to Aussie Taj Burrow and ended up finish 25th which is all good for the WSL newcomer. However, world champ and the first Brazilian to be a world champ, young Gabriel Medina dropped a very cheeky 'fuck' in an interview after he was penalized for this interference.

Medina, in his docile Brazilian tone was quite frustrated at everything really and his f bomb at the end of interview was more funny than disgusting. In fact the whole round of surfing action was pretty funky...

Steven Adams is truly the gift that keeps on giving, the lad is simply the best representation of Aotearoa that there is besides his older sister. Playing against the LA Clippers, Adams gave DeAndre Jordan a wee clap

He then had some polite words with Chris Paul

They were actually polite apparently

We're a fun bunch us kiwis and long may it continue to be that way. I mean look at all our athletes doing their thing around the world, they aren't the straight up lame athletes that you see day in day out. Nah, not only are we punching well above our weight in sporting competitions around the world but we do so in our own style, impossible to not be proud about all that.

Even our All Whites are nearing world domination as they've climbed two spots up the FIFA rankings, they are now the 134th best football team in the world! The ladies have jumped up a spot as well, they are now 18th. Think that and all the other Friday Frilly Funk deserves a celebratory splash from Kev

There you go bei @bullyluke14 @chelseapitman lol cold as. #bombchallenge

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