Monday Crumbs - Tall Poppies Standing Tall Like Terry Toughnuts

Maybe Garfield might like Monday mornings if he was a kiwi? His Wellington Phoenix would be sitting pretty at the top of the table, his Black Caps head in to the World Cup quarter finals with a perfect record while his Warriors bounced back from a round one loss to put a performance described as 'gritty' on display against Canberra.

This was the cover of the Daily Telegraph for a while, there's so much to love about it for us because as you know, we love Manu. Seeing Manu and the word 'gritty' just does something to us here at the Nichey Niche.

Depending on where in Aotearoa he resides, Garfield could be over the moon say if he was a Wellingtonian with the Hurricanes doing their thing pretty damn well. He could also be borderline depressed if he was an Auckland Blues fan.

To celebrate all of these because the job isn't done, wouldn't be very fun. That's what the players/athletes are for, take it one game at a time and all that shit but me? Well I'm here to celebrate our efforts because mediocrity has reigned supreme throughout our land for far too long. Then pops up some Aussie joker called Harper, Andy Harper.

Harper raised the idea that the Wellington Phoenix offered nothing commercially to the A-League which struck a nerve with many. While Harper has a valid point, Sky TV aren't paying much money comparatively to broadcast the Nix games and A-League fixtures so there's not much money being made by the A-League thanks to the Nix. The Nix don't sell out Westpac Stadium on the regular but surely, surely officials are looking at the Hutt Rec and seeing how much better it looks that a big old yellow thing.

Anywho, the A-League could exist very easily without the Phoenix. In fact it would probably be easier and more beneficial as the A-League is run by the Football Federation of Australia, so they don't really get any rewards in terms of cash, player development and all round footballin' vibes. We do, but the crew who run the competition don't.

Remember, while us kiwis are busy worrying themselves with Australia, Australia doesn't give a rats backside really about us.

Ah, but Mr Harper you can't just pipe up when we're winning SON. Which is the most notable flaw in his logic.

The key for the Nix is to keep winning, to continue to develop talent, to sell tickets, to get people on their couch if they're not in Wellington and to even play such lovely football that Aussies want to sit and enjoy a Nix contest. If that happens, then it will be an absolute outrage to see an A-League without the Nix.

Shout out to the Perth Glory. We love personality in athletes, but apparently the club and their social media/web teams can't have any personality, but that's not cool. So big up Perth, keep the banter flowing, keep talking it up, keep being you. But we won, so fuck you.

The Cricket World Cup is in full swing, in case you were holed up playing Call of Duty for a few weeks or if you tried to emulate and out-do a Charlie Sheen bender. But the biggest story on the periphery of the World Cup is Kevin Pietersen and I'm not going to waste precious space in the Lofted Drive to talk about silly KP, so I'll do it here.

Pietersen wants to play County cricket in the hope of getting back in the England side, which from a outside perspective would be terrible. England are on the brink of disaster, but there's hope and that hope is based on the future, the young lads. Pietersen is a short term solution and while he might offer leadership etc, England simply need to start over. 

The mere fact that Pietersen has and continues to think that he can or that he deserves another run in the England side smacks of arrogance. 

Nah, go on Kev. Go on England do it, get Pietersen in there. Not only will both the Black Caps and Australia still dismantle you this year, but in a year or two when Pietersen is out of favour, you'll be up shit's creek. So do it!

Reggie Bush is joining Jarryd Hayne in San Francisco with the 49ers, which isn't really good or bad. My dear friend the Wildcard educated me on the matter and when I pointed out that the Australian media was a bit worried that Bush was in Hayne's way he said "it's almost like English fans freaking out about Sam Tomkins because the Warriors signed Johnathan Wright." Which is funny. 

But there's plenty of room for Hayne to continue to build with the 49ers as they off loaded Frank Gore who was their main man running the footy. You'd have to imagine that having his homie Reggie there would be a bit of a positive for Hayne, they can read the playbook together and what not.

Yo, this Gold Coast Titans CoCo saga is going to drag on. Be warned.

Steven Adams, Upto Bro?

Big ol' kiwi Steve played the Minnesota Timberwolves and Chicago Bulls over the weekend, good to see him back in action.

Timberwolves21 minutes, 3 points, 2 blocks, 2 assists, 9 rebounds

Bulls - 32 minutes, 14 points, 2 blocks, 1 assist, 11 rebounds

Super Rugby

Hurricanes 30 - 23 Blues   

Force 17 - 21 Rebels

Crusaders 34 - 6 Lions   

Highlanders 26 - 19 Waratahs    

Reds 0 - 29 Brumbies    

Stormers 19 - 28 Chiefs    

Cheetahs 10 - 27 Sharks

The Brumbies are 10 points clear in the Aussie conference, while the Hurricanes and Chiefs are tied on 18 points in Aotearoa. The Stormers are 5 points clear in South Africa.

ANZ Championship

West Coast Fever 67 - 60 Southern Steel

NSW Swifts 47 - 47 Queensland Firebirds

Adelaide Thunderbirds 51 - 51 Northern Mystics

Waikato BOP Magic 48 - 51 Melbourne Vixens

Canterbury Tactix - Central Pulse (tonight)

Watch all the netball action and be nice and support


Adelaide United 2 - 1 Central Coast Mariners

Western Sydney Wanders 0 - 3 Melbourne Victory

Melbourne City 4 - 0 Newcastle Jets

Perth Glory 1 - 2 Wellington Phoenix

Sydney FC 5 - 4 Brisbane Roar

Watch all the A-League action and be nice and support

ASB Premiership

Waitakere United 4 - 0 Team Wellington

Wellington Phoenix 0 - 7 Auckland City

WaiBOP United 2 - 1 Southern United

Hawkes Bay United 5 - 2 Canterbury United

Auckland City sit pretty, 12 points clear.

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