Midweek Bulletin - Three Lads, Newsy News And Big Kiwi Steve

There's not a whole lot of newsy news going down today, well newsy news that really matters because half the newsy news we get told is newsy news is really just dumb.

The first newsy news is that San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland is retiring at the age of 24. Let's be honest, no one would really give a shit about this news but that elephant that sits in the locker room of all contact sport has peaked everyone's interest. Borland doesn't see that benefits of a long NFL career as out-weighing the negatives that could come with repeated head trauma, concussions and what not. 

Fair play, each to their own but for me there's a few issues underneath this news that make if funkadelic. First of all, the NFL is trying to extend their season to 18 games. Now anyone with a sprinkling of common sense in their brains which hasn't been impacted by head trauma would see that as being kind of crazy, but the financial aspects of this is what's driving it. A few more games a season may not sound like a big deal, but with players more comfortable opening up on the concussion issue with the season the way it is, playing more games seems like the dumbest and most un-safe thing you could do.

The other aspect is that while it's lovely that this Borland guy has taken the ballsy step to retire, I wouldn't be expecting a flood of other players to do the same. Many players simply won't have the safety net or plan B to retire, this is their only chance to earn a substantial living to not only set themselves and their immediate family up for the future but to also help out the cousins and friends. It's their job. Professional sport is a job (a damn nice job) and for many, it's simply how they earn a pay check, a hefty pay check. So you'd be expecting players to step away from how they earn a living? Hmm.

Next up we have Martin Kennedy who despite his NRL career being of life support, still manages to find himself in the headlines. ASADA strikes again! Well, they might, if reports are to be believed and I have no reason to not believe them because when Sandor Earl was caught up in this drama (rather unfairly given how the Sharks players are still able to play), Kennedy's name was front and centre alongside Earl's.

Kennedy was at the Roosters and then had a failed stint at the Broncos last season and is back with the Roosters this season ... but hasn't played for them yet and probably won't unless injury strikes. Now he's facing a two year ban and it looks like ASADA has finally got their case against Kennedy sorted.

The third musketeer is Sam Rapira who will leave the Warriors at the end of this year. Obviously got to give him his respect for his toil for the Warriors, but this is a case of the writing being on the wall. There's young props who are far better than him and it's time to go, thanks for the memories of umm... I don't have any memories of you Sam sorry.

Here's a stat!

But shout out to America because they have the NBA and that's where Steven Adams plays that basketball thing

Steve Adams, Upto Bro?

Dallas (ha, the Wildcard's team) - 30 minutes, 15 points, 8 rebounds. OKC lost 115-119 :(

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves signed a two year deal with the Roosters which is a huge boost for both parties. Shout out to him because the Raiders made a big offer for his services earlier in the year and I'm sure many other teams would have been sniffing around as JWH is a top 5 NRL prop. He just loves the Roosters, how nice.

People are selling Rugby World Cup tickets for lots of money? Yawn, you gotta make the dosh somehow.