Monday Crumbs - Still A Long Way To Go...

Martin Guptill batted really, really well. Yes we, along with you, knew that he'd come good and that anyone who didn't think that Guppy deserved to be in the Black Caps is an idiot, who hasn't quite come to grips with the concept of 'form'.

Yes Daniel Vettori took a screamer, a speccy, a hum-dinger of a catch, a fucking piece of art.

Daniel Vettori is Gandalf after all. 

Yes Trent Boult was at his best, glorious Trenty.

And yes, we know Guppy shouldn't have been dropped ... in fact we kind of told you time and time again.

In fact, we said that he's the anchor of the Black Caps batting line up. What'd he do on Saturday? He carried his bat through the whole bloody innings!

Yes we should #BackTheBlackCaps but we should also praise the deity of Natty Mac. There's no logical explanation as to how Gandalf could jump that high, he's 36 years old. So shout out to Natty Mac, or should I say take a moment of prayer.

Ok cool, so if you want to continue to be aroused by the Black Caps you've got a few options. Jump on our home page and watch the gifs, over and over again, or visit a mainstream media website ... the same mainstream media who didn't want Guppy, who questioned whether Vettori could kick it at ODI level still and the same mainstream media who thought that Boult couldn't bowl with the white cricket ball.

We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking society, but it's clear that we still have a long way to go. Not only are police still pulling up African-American kids for being African-American, not only do we keep throwing rubbish into our beautiful oceans, not only are politicians the dumbest people on the planet and not only is marijuana still illegal but we still don't know what to do about concussion and 'homophobic' words still hold meaning.

The concussion issue is a lot more complex that the issue of homophobic slurs used in sport. I can easily say that the number one homophobic slur which is apparently the same word that was used in the Super Rugby match between the ACT Brumbies and NSW Waratahs, is as much a part of our vocabulary as shit, or fuck. 

It's similar to the dreaded N-word which is used freely in society, mainly by the people who should apparently be offended by its use. We all say these words (get off your moral high chair and go kick it with a bunch of 19 year olds), but the sports field isn't really the best place to be using such language. 

I was wrong, this issue is as complex as concussions. 

For me, saying faggot or nigga (see what I did there, I just changed the spelling and it's almost ok for me to say it), whether it's used with malice or with the intent that comes with the actual meaning of the word on a sports field shows a high disregard for professionalism. I might say these words when I'm with my friends, but as a professional athlete you simply can't act like you would around your friends.

I'd say it shows a severe lack of vocabulary and a certain laziness, calling an opponent a bad word shows that you've put zero effort into your sledging.

The societal issue here is that these words still have meaning. These words wouldn't exist if the hate behind them was gone. Maybe we should just flip it on its head and turn them into positive words? 

Concussion. First of all, it's easy for Warriors Doc, Doctor John Mayhew to kick up a fuss about the Eels handling of concussion but when the shoe is on the other foot, things get tricky.

Every sports team is going to toe the line - 'we have the welfare of our players at the forefront of our minds and actions at all times' type of thing. But if Shaun Johnson takes a head knock  in a Grand Final, then who knows. Anytime the responsibility of this decision is placed with the team, then mayhem will be the result.

Independent doctors and what not? Sure, if you can afford it. If you can find four or five doc's. But ultimately it's a massive contradiction because in all these contact sports we celebrate toughness. You play through an injury and you're the king for that moment, you might even go down in history despite the fact that you might not be able to walk or hold a pen when your 50. 

My view on concussion is that with all this research, all this information that is being made public, we know what the deal is. We know that getting whacked in the head is bad for you, but people still play rugby, rugby league, boxing, MMA, NFL, the list goes on and on. People still take part in these activities despite copious amounts of information made public about the dangers. What more can you do? 

There's a reason why Mr Rugby Jock Star gets paid a shitload more than you or I, because it's his job to put his health on the line. He knows the risks, but he'll still play without second thought. He'll still accept the big dosh, so for the players to have any complaints is quite strange.

And if the players aren't complaining, which I don't really here or see any players kick up too much of a fuss down under, then why should we? 

If we expect our athletes to not behave like they would amongst their friends, if we expect our athletes to be professionals, if we expect our athletes to make decisions like adults, then we simply have to respect their decision to put their bodies on the line each week. 

But hey, Jeremy Brockie scored a screamer of a goal for SuperSport and even got in on the dancing celebration.

Steven Adams, Upto Bro?

Atlanta - 35 minutes, 12 points, 2 blocks, 2 steals, 2 assists, 16 rebounds

Miami - 30 minutes, 10 points, 1 block, 10 rebounds

From The Weekend

Super Rugby

Highlanders 13 - 20 Hurricanes    

Rebels 16 - 20 Lions    

Crusaders 57 - 14 Cheetahs    

Bulls 25 - 24 Force    

Sharks 12 - 11 Chiefs    

Waratahs 28 - 13 Brumbies    

ANZ Championship

Magic 52 - 49 Tactix


Sydney FC 0 - 1 Melbourne City 

Western Sydney Wanderers 1 - 2 Newcastle Jets 

Adelaide Victory 2 - 2 Melbourne Victory 

Central Coast Mariners 1 - 1 Perth Glory

Brisbane Roar 1 - 2 Wellington Phoenix

ASB Premiership - 1st Leg

Waitakere United 0 - 2 Auckland City FC

Hawkes Bay United 1 - 2 Team Wellington