Midweek Bulletin - The Morning After

Wednesday mornings usually provide a fair amount of newsy news. NRL teams have been named, there's players who said this or that after a training session in their because Wednesday is smack bang in the middle of the weekend sporting cycle and you can usually bank on some sort of off field news. But this Wednesday is different.

It's pretty obvious that we live in a bit of a bubble down here. On the one hand we love it, we love our cricket, rugby league, rugby and netball which are sports that the greater world don't really give two hoots about. On the other hand, we're always looking for some sort of recognition which lately has come in numerous SportsCenter Top 10 appearances. We like to be validated, despite being balls deep in a bubble.

This bubble is glorious though. The Black Caps took the bickies in one of those cricket games that we've all seen before, beautiful ODI cricket. But there's no other sporting news that really matters, because this bubble is so comfy. 

I've seen amazing cricket games like that before, we all have. But we haven't had those sort of moments in a World Cup, where everything is amplified. It's a extremely unique situation with it being a World Cup plus a Black Caps side who just continue to rise, plus an intense contest throughout the game. South Africa were pretty good, not quite awesome because there were many small moments that they couldn't win, but it goes without saying that their contribution to this game was huge.

The Cricket World Cup has always been a bit weird. Personally, previous Cricket World Cups either didn't rise to a super crazy World Cup type of level (probably because of Australia's dominance) or they were remembered for something else, not fantabulous cricket nor scenes of mayhem. This World Cup has put cricket on a throne, not only cricket but ODI cricket which has become the forgotten middle child between Test cricket and Twenty20 cricket. I've said that cricket's perception around the world distorted with the number one reason for anyone's dislike of the game being 'it's boring'. C'mon now.

We've also got to salute ourselves because while the standard of play in this World Cup has been something special, it's not coinkidink that we're co-hosting this World Cup and it's been amazing. We know how to do this shit, we just simply love sport. 

Our country has stood up, along with the Black Caps to do something pretty special. On to the MCG.

I really can't be bothered to see what else has gone down in the sporting world, it can wait. 

We don't need to know what former players thought. We don't need to know what cricketing greats thought. We don't need to know what anyone around the world, whether they're cricket lovers or not thought. We're on the front lines, we know it. We've experience this ride, all the way from a miserable bunch of cricketing battlers to top blokes bringing joy in a way that only sport can do. 

You felt that man-hug. You felt that handshake. You felt that electricity. And you currently feel a bit foggy. We all know exactly how cool (understatement) last night was along with this whole World Cup.

We all know that there's also one last step to take.