Midweek Bulletin - Parramatta To The Bay

First of all...


The Hayne Plane is taking flight, set to arrive in the Bay! Yes, in a rather dramatic press conference that resembled LeBron James' 'Decision' to take his talents to South Beach, Jarryd Hayne flipped the script with many picking that he'd be joining the Detroit Lions.

The whole thing was pretty odd. Anyone without any knowledge of Hayne's star power would be utterly confused why this guy was having a branded press conference (Hayne signed a deal with Telstra, hence their logo was everywhere) to announced that he'd be spending some time in the off season training with an NFL side. But what do I know?

Here's the Wildcard's take on Haynes move to the 49ers...

So, that old rocket heeled former NRL Jedi Jarryd Hayne announced yesterday that he'd signed a futures contract with the SF 49ers. That means $100k guaranteed (which is much less than he was getting at the Eels) and the opportunity to train and work with the team throughout the season, with the hope of turning that deal into a roster spot. He's effectively an undrafted free agent. 

Futures contracts are kinda a tricky thing. If you didn't finish the last NFL season as a contracted player (so, you or I), then you're eligible for one. Futures work the same as another contract, but they don't count against the cap until the following season, so they tend to be used on prospects and youngsters. Guys maybe not deserving of a full contract but that they wanna keep around to develop. Aka, Jarryd Hayne. Players on these deals go on the futures/reserve list, so unlike those on the practice squad, they cannot be picked up by another side. So feel safe in your 49ers snapback for a while yet.

The head coach for the 49ers, who apparently greatly influenced Hayne's decision; Jim Tomsula tweeted a few things to welcome Hayne. Which is fair as it appears like Tomsula is enthusiastic about developing foreign talent and spent quite a while coaching with NFL Europe. This epic decision wasn't quite worthy of tweet from the 49ers though, as understandably Hayne is a wee way down the pecking order.

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was eager to see Joseph Parker take on Willis Meehan who plays for the Roosters and enjoys a bit of boxing. I'd still love to see that but hearing that we could see a fight between Parker and Meehan senior - Kali also wets the taste buds.

Kali is an actual well respected boxer whereas Willis has his sights set on an NRL career while also doing a bit of boxing, hence a fight between Kali and Parker would go down nicely. But news that Kali's asking for a fair bit of money throws a spanner in to the works because I'm not too sure how much Duco Events are keen to pay. 

I just want to see Parker fight any Australian to be honest. Put up your best Aussie and we'll put up Parker, I don't really care if there's belts or rankings on the line or not, let's just see who has the best boxer?

Parker's set to fight Jason Pettaway tomorrow night and besides the fact that it's another chance to see our young heavyweight in action ... yawn.

Yawn!? Yeah bro, Pettaway just looks and sounds like all the guys that Parker has fought over the past few years. He may shock Parker, dominate the fight and put Parker back at square one but I'm taking the safe bet here as we've had this scenario on repeat.

We're all in behind Parker, hopefully he knocks him out and we can finally get to see him fight someone overseas ... please #patience.

The Football Ferns took on Spain overnight, with the 15th ranked side in the world putting two goals past the kiwi girls. 2-0 down early in the second half isn't an ideal position to be in, but the Ferns showed plenty of grit as they fought back for a well earned draw. 

Hannah Wilkinson and Amber Hearn scored second half goals and the Ferns almost took the lead with a late winner that was blown up for offside. It's less than ideal to go behind like that although the Ferns found their feet as the game went on and were able to adjust to Spain's quicker tempo and nifty passing. That feeling of wanting more, expecting more and not being satisfied is still evident with the Ferns as they work towards the World Cup which is awesome and this result is one of those funky ones where you're happy to fight back and get the draw, but there's plenty to work on. Gotta love that attitude.

The NRL has come out and said the their ref's won't be wearing pink anymore so they can be taken more seriously. How fucking dumb.

Welcome back Rene Ranger! I'm not sure if there's too many kiwi punters who don't appreciate a bit of Ranger, the explosiveness is just amazing. He's heading back to the Auckland Blues and as a Blues fan currently embarrassed by my team, Ranger can at least put a few smiles on some Auckland faces.