Friday Frills - Gosh, I Wish We Weren't So Dumb

There's so much silly billy shit going on in our country right now. Whether it's our silly prime minister man constantly spitting lies and suckling the nipple of Uncle Sam, or Duco Events putting Teina Pora in a rather awkward spot.

We like to stay away from general stupidity like this, we're not dumb so why should we talk about dumb people? Well, the latter issue involves sport, so I can make a nice little segway after I say that if I was fresh out of jail I'm pretty sure I'd agree to anything because bitch I'm free! We can't look at Mr Pora and judge his actions, he's been to hell and back, but Duco? C'mon, we know you're in the business of making headlines but have some cla ... class, oh no, that's me being dumb. 

As expected Joseph Parker fought another punching bag which is a whole lot easier to swallow when we know that he's going to spend a few weeks training with Wladimir Klitschko. Whoever Parker fought last night was once again no match for Parker's speed and power, but it was far from a polished performance from Parker, which probably says something about his opponent. 

I hope none of you reading this paid for that pay-per-view ... ?

Because if you did, I'd not only be gutted about wasting your hard earned money, but I'd also be gutted that all these jokers/professional athletes who can afford to buy a ticket/'celebrities' got free tickets. 

We know Parker is a beast, but we desperately need to see him challenged or else we'll just be built up to think that Parker is light years ahead of everyone else, until he fights a legit boxer. The sparring sessions with Klitschko however is definitely a step in the right direction so it's hard to continue to be Negative Ned for too long.

Now if we could pay to watch Parker train with Klitschko, now that would be worth it ... but it would probably cost a couple of G's for three weeks.

In much more important, much more enjoyable and just wholesomely beautiful news Winston Reid will remain with West Ham United until 2021. Shit the bed that's a great contract for all parties involved as West Ham snap up a top shelf defender for what feels like yonks (six years) while Reid has the opportunity to grow with West Ham and become even more of a fan favourite/general West Ham OG.

It's been a very confusing period for West Ham, Sam Allardyce and possibly Winny as each week served up a different suitor and a different response from Allardyce. One website from Aotearoa was quick to speculate, pretty much as soon as an English tabloid sprung a rumour or whisper that a big club like Arsenal or Tottenham was going to snap up Winny but he must enjoy being a Hammer.

Loyalty huh? It's not huge in the world of sport, but over the past few weeks we've seen two kiwi athletes in Reid and Jason Taumalolo stick with their clubs. Obviously that's because they're from the land of the long white cloud right?

Shout out to Winny and West Ham for not being dumb.

The CoCo saga came to somewhat of a climax yesterday as Karmichael Hunt hit court to do a few lines with the lawyers and other guys with lots of money who also dabble in stuff. 

Just joking hehe.

Hunt plead guilty to four counts of cocaine possession which resulted in a $2,500 fine, but no conviction on his record. It looks as thought Hunt's CoCo exploits weren't exactly a regular thing and it was more of a bit of a bender, which when combined with a guilty plea, a rather clean record and a character reference from Wayne Bennett means it's not the end of the world for Hunt.

The Queensland Rugby Union however slapped down a $30,000 fine and a six week ban which is fair enough as Hunt represents the QRU and has tarnished their image. The QRU are rightfully sticking with their man though, despite stripping him of the vice-captaincy, they will support him through his rehab and education process. How nice, shout out to them for not being dumb.

Interestingly, Hunt's team wanted this all sorted out asap. The Gold Coast Titans players? Well, expect that to linger as they (in legal speak...) requested to have their matters adjourned. 

The Football Ferns continue to put in solid performances with a 0-0 draw against Spain overnight to go with their 2-2 draw the other day.

Take a moment to salute Irene van Dyk as well folks, she's now the face of netball for Netball New Zealand as they get on the front foot in terms of development and grassroots netball. Common sense huh? No dummies here and van Dyk deserves to have a bunch of opportunities thrown her way, not to mention that having van Dyk on the front lines should do great things for the foundation of netball in Aotearoa.

Just a quick thought on last night's NRL game between the Rabbitohs and the Broncos, the Broncos looked shit right? The Rabbitohs looked awesome in all departments - energy, fitness, execution etc which got me thinking about Wayne Bennett's coaching career. 

It's definitely a bit of a knee jerk reaction but it's not like the Knights were an awesome NRL side last year or the year before huh? I'm just saying that for me, the coaching mafia is now run by guys like Michael Maguire and Trent Robinson.