Monday Crumbs - WOW OMG FFS WTF

A got a bit of a surprise waking up this morning, a surprise that shouldn't have been one but it was. Doing my usual check of the interwebs I saw that somehow jokers were complaining about this or that, the ref was shit, why did this player do that? And so on.

After spending my Sunday almost in tears, well I was in tears for a moment there as amazing sporting shit just gets me going, I thought that maybe things might be a bit different. Buy they weren't, which only made me so much happier. I knew that deep down within my Double Brown filled soul, I could just sit back and appreciate sport.

What can you say about the Breakers? They shit on every other kiwi franchise trying to compete in an Australian league, absolutely shit on them. I'm not sure whether Super Rugby is included here in that argument because we've had some fairly dominant rugby teams, but the NZ Breakers are the king pins of sport in Aotearoa.

The way the Cairns Taipans fought back to put the pressure on the Breakers was awesome, they deserve full credit to da boyz but seeing Ekene Ibekwe/Dirk Nowitzki fade-away in to a swamp of Breakers players will live long in my memory.

Welcome to the whanau, Ekene!

Imports tell you a lot about a club or a franchise. It should come as no coinkidink that Cedric Jackson returned to the Breakers and they won, but Ibekwe has brought in to the club's culture and ethic which has resulted in him winning a championship. Rhys Carter also had his moments and the Breakers deserve all the credit in the world, full credit to da boyz for their efforts in recruiting winners.

Many sporting teams in Aotearoa who think they're good, or think they recruit good players should take note.

It's not as if the Breakers have had everything got their way and have been lucky to get to where they are. Besides the long time spent building the franchise and the culture, last season was a rough one for the Breakers and they've shown an ability to fight through low periods to get back on top. There's only one man you can really salute for that and it's Dean Vickerman who went from looking far inferior to the great Andre Lemanis to standing on his own, out of the shadow as a championship winning coach. 

We've got something special here people, we've got a team and a wider sporting franchise who have risen the bar. It's an exciting period of time for basketball in Aotearoa and the Breakers are at the forefront of it, but most importantly they are going about it the right way.

The Wildcard's been on the Breakers beat for the whole season, so peep his thoughts on game two.

Yesterday also saw Glenn Maxwell go bang, as well as some bloke named Kumar scoring his third century in a row. That's three World Cup centuries back to back to back ladies and gentlemen, now that's impressive. Sangakkara is the first player to hit three hundys in a row and he's taken the World Cup to new heights along with all the other stellar performances so far. 

There's been plenty of great performances, but players dream of hitting an international century whether it be in Test's or ODI's. They dream of hitting a century in a World Cup, to think that Sangakkara has hit three in a row is slightly mind boggling. 

To see two fantastic moments in two different sports on the same day, isn't really a rarity but it's just a reminder that sport is bloody awesome.

There's a few more issues that the Diggity Doc has to weigh in on, the first being the World Cup in general as it's drawn many people out of the woodwork to speak on how it's put together and how many teams are involved. Cricket is like rugby, it's a sport that is only played by a few countries and it reflects how kiwis think of themselves - far more important than we are. The only way cricket is going to grow and expand is for more countries to play competitive cricket games and we're seeing over and over again at this World Cup that these nations have the potential to be solid cricketing nations.

I love Afghanistan, so excuse the bias but there's no reason why a nation like Aotearoa can't buddy up with an associate nation and get them playing more cricket. Whether it's games against the Black Caps or simply sending our 'A' teams or age group sides to play a team like Afghanistan (probably in the UAE, let's be honest), someone has to grab this issue by the balls.

Look at the All Blacks and the NZRU, they've stood up and taken a game to the USA and Japan and enjoy the benefits. While there isn't much of a financial benefit to play Afghanistan for the Black Caps, there's many other benefits especially for the younger/fringe players. Point being, the NZRU didn't wait for the IRB to do things, they did it themselves and which ever cricketing nation shows some initiative and is keen to expand the borders of cricket will enjoy the rewards.

I just want to see cricket played by much more countries than it is, the World Cup's showing that it's a great game for everyone to watch and it deserves much more than to be judged for being boring and taking five days.

The Auckland Blues, my team, the team of greats and beautiful rugby are the complete opposite of the NZ Breakers and are borderline disgusting. First of all how can you expect a contract extension when the rugby team you coach sucks? Slightly cray cray.

However, the Auckland Blues have been disgusting for quite some time so to point the finger at the coach kind of misses the point. We all know how this will go with the coach likely to get the finger pointed at him, but there's many players at the Blues who live inside a ball of comfort which is never a positive for any sporting team. How a rugby team in Auckland is so shit, note to Auckland Blues players - you and your team sucks, is completely baffling. Now that folks is nothing new and everyone from the boardroom, Auckland Rugby, players and the coach need to be held accountable.

Should Daly Cherry-Evans leave Manly now instead of waiting until the end of the season to go to the Gold Coast Titans? Hell no, especially not with Kieran Foran injuring his hammy. DCE's future is now decided and he's still capable of leading the Sea Eagles around the park in the way that only the best halfbacks can do (unlike Shaun Johnson). Don't be surprised to see DCE lead Manly to the top 8 and go out on a high.