Monday Crumbs - I Never Really Liked Mixed Bags Of Lollies

Whether it's a bag of lollies or a box of Favourites, the mixed bag ... or box never really appealed to me. I eat all the Flakes out of a box of Favourites, so it makes sense to just buy a bag of Flakes instead doesn't it? This week we got the ol' mixed bag, the pick and mix of sporting action, which isn't very exciting.

But it is the nature of the beast, you win some, you loose some, ya know? It's a whole lot better when we have a great sporting weekend, winning most of our fixtures and it's still pretty cool when we have a stinker because there's obviously plenty to write about. 

The Wellington Phoenix grabbed a thrilling win, 3-2 over the Central Coast Mariners and good on 'em. It's been a rough few weeks for the Nix but Ernie Merrick has remained a beacon of positivity throughout this lean patch and it really just goes to show how dumb most of us are. Well not us at the Nichey Niche as we've been saying that all is well with the Nix, they were never in danger of sliding out of the finals and they never really made a song or dance about winning the top spot biscuits that mean nothing. Ernie did say that he wants to reward the home fans with a few home finals games which shows you what a lad he is and against the  Mariners they simply found a way to score some goals, and win.

Oh, then the Warriors served up that shite that they are infamous for. To save myself repeating myself where I repeat myself to repeat myself, read this so I don't repeat myself.

Ugh, and the Hurricanes lost their first game. 

What the Black Sticks lads could do, in defeating the Aussies, the ladies couldn't do as they fell victim to a late goal in the final of the Hawkes Bay Festival. Going down 3-2 with goals to Gemma Flynn and Olivia Merry, the ladies are continuing the rise of hockey in Aotearoa with both teams now very competitive with their Australian neighbours. While coming second is nice, especially with a number of quality teams taking part in this festival, coming second always sucks as well. The women have been pretty much equal with the Aussies for a year or two now and the men having been making ground recently, which when you think back a few years would have sounded impossible. Hockey is on the rise in Aotearoa, take note.

So we've had a few black jellybeans, some losses but I'll give you one guess as to who is going to bring us back up ................................................................. Jesse Ryder! He's playing for Essex is England's County Cricket and picked a 5 wicket bag, bowling first change, great work mate. It was a rough first innings for Ryder with the bat though, bowled for 12 but all of his runs came in boundaries so that's pretty cool huh? Essex are 67/6 in reply to Kent's 193 with two days to play, so Ryder will definitely get another bowl, possibly a chance to bang some more boundaries.

Craig Cachopa couldn't do much in his first bat for Sussex against Worcestershire, as he could only manage 8. Sussex did get 345 though and are now having a bowl. Also in action was Jeetan Patel who couldn't manage a wicket despite his Warwickshire bowling Hampshire out for 319. Patel bowled 14 overs but it must have been a bit green as the seamers did the trick.

IPL? It doesn't quite deserve to be talked about here, it belongs in the Lofted Drive.

Any talk of referees doesn't deserve to be talked about in our weekly NRL thingy, The Bench as we try to keep it zoned in on the actual players. But once again the NRL and their minions have given the rugby league media and general punters another reason to rip in to the refs with some plonker being unable to count, thus only giving the Canberra Raiders five tackles instead of six. We don't like to really to be too negative about the poor refs, but every week they serve up a different clanger and make it impossible to be positive about them.

Maybe the refs and other jokers who hold positions of power should face fans, like Nathan Tinkler did...

Spare a thought for Parramatta Eels player Richie Fa'aoso who returned from a premature retirement only to be knocked out.

Shout out to our very own Sean Marks, who is the Assistant General Manager of possibly the best NBA club (like the entire club/franchise not just team). He did a Q&A which is a very interesting read, check it out here and here's a wee snippet...

Just on the homie Steve, are we all going to get butt-hurt if he doesn't play for the Tall Blacks? We'd all love him to, but at the end of the day it's the Oklahoma City Thunder who have given Adams a run in the NBA along with filling his bank account so it's their decision. We can't really kick up a fuss if Adams doesn't, because clearly he would like to but it's not up to him. There'll be plenty of time for him to pull on the black singlet and we also need our Tall Blacks side to be good enough to compete on the international stage without him. I don't want the Tall Blacks to rely on Adams in any way, shape or form.