Midweek Bulletin - Poor Pep

Barcelona have moved through the Champions League final after losing to Bayern Munich. How about that for a sentence?? Despite loosing, Barca have been rather orgasmic in their dismantling of Pep Guardiola's Bayern, especially with their front three of Messi, Suarez and Neymar doing their thing. The second leg finished 3-2 to Bayern, but Barca put on a show...

Ok ok Bayern were also pretty handy...

Tomorrow we've got Real Madrid vs Juventus with the Italians 2-1 up. Champions League footy got me like...

The other major international story is Kevin Pietersen who is currently raging about being told that he would no longer play for England. I'll dive much deeper into this in today's Lofted Drive, but it's all quite comical really, on both sides of the coin. Let's remember that the new Director Of Cricket for England, Andrew Strauss has previously called Pietersen an 'absolute cunt' when he thought the microphones were turned off, oh, and let's also remember the dramas surround Pietersen sending interesting texts to his South African homies/opposition while Strauss was captain. Then factor in that Pietersen had all but burned his bridges with English cricket in recent years as he's spoken in public about them as well as the whole book dramas. Sure the incoming boss-dog Colin Graves had told Pietersen that there was a chance he could get back in the side, but Pietersen's a fool for believing that this was the case.

Now, the flipside to that is; why would you not pick such a quality batsman? Especially when your current batsmen, while young and full of potential aren't quite doing the job? Hmm. It's an odd one.

There's also a wee bit of drama on the shores of Aotearoa with Tabai Matson, assistant coach for the Crusaders talking up a storm with the Auckland Blues. First things first, Auckland vs Canterbury are the biggest rivals in kiwi sport, so that's not the best start. But this is an extremely weird situation because it happens in nearly every sport all around the world and as long as the coach is maintaining some professionalism with his current team then he should be able to do as he pleases.

If Matson's journey to Auckland has hindered his ability to do his job with the Crusaders, then shit gets awkward. Ultimately it's all good because everyone is employed by the New Zealand Rugby Union, which is always great ... /the major problem.

Shout out to Brad Thorn as well. First of all for actually retiring, it's been yonks and he's an absolute trooper but mainly for landing a coaching role with the Queensland Reds. He will be the forwards coach with the Reds Elite Development Squad and by the looks of things the Reds are putting in place a nice development system. Thorn joins a host of new coaches and it will be interesting to see if their revamped system can produce some results.

Another shout out to Nathan Burns who has been voted, by his playing peers as the A-League Player Of The Year. Unfortunately for him he won't take part in this week's final which has Sydney FC taking on the Melbourne Victory, here's more on how Graham Arnold has switched Sydney FC's fortunes around.

Keep an eye on what's happening with the Brisbane Roar as well. Their owners are trying to cut costs and are wielding the axe with staff including their 'guardian of football' Ken Stead along with three other staff members. That was taken to a new level when managing director Sean Dobson stood down from his post. There is a cheeky spin to this though with Roman Tribulietx, the Auckland City FC coach who has led them through a rather glorious period expected to be named as their new coach.

Of course Issac Luke and the South Sydney Rabbitohs are going to deny any disagreement, but it was pretty obvious really.

Apparently it takes an Englishman to write a nice tribute to Jonah Lomu, ka pai.