The Auckland Blues; Who Cares?

In a land full of abundant rugby, borderline too much rugby we have plenty to discuss and enjoy with regards to rugby. The Wellington Hurricanes have taken 2015 by the throat and are having a season that should fill the bellies of their fans regardless if they win it all or not. The Waikato Chiefs are the premier rugby team in Aotearoa, they've got a few years in the bank and in a way are the Crusaders 2.0. The Crusaders are still pretty good while the Otago Highlanders are also enjoying a nice run of form, again, something to fill the bellies of their fans.

But all I see and hear is about the Auckland Blues.

I'm an Aucklander and I'm sick of it, so I don't want to even contemplate how all you Jaffa-haters are feeling. Oh, no wait, you're feeling extremely smug, and I don't blame you.

The front page of the NZ Herald pretty much every day has some new story about the Blues, mainly about the coach and who might be coach. The Auckland Blues suck, it's straight up embarrassing that a region with so much talent can suck so bad but it's the way it is. It's part of the sporting cycle, you're good and then you have a lean patch and then you figure it out and you get competitive again. Just ask the Hurricanes or the Highlanders.

Is the country that fascinated by this old boys club of Auckland rugby jokers who are living up to every Auckland stereotype there is? I wouldn't believe so. Hence why it's so confusing as to why the media of Aotearoa continue to shove this crap down our throats.

John Kirwan may or may not be the coach next year, I really couldn't care less. If the silly buggers decide they want someone new, then sweet as, do that and get on with it. If they want to stick with Kirwan and let him try to get out of this hole, all good, just say so and stop fucking around.

In theory, the Blues should be good at rugby. But as I said before, professional sport is a cycle and unfortunately for the Blues, they're at the wrong end of the cycle. I won't get into why they might not be so good, that's a different kettle of fish, I'd just say it starts at the top. Which is possibly where all this hoopla, a new story every day about not much, could be coming from.

It could be coming from media folk who are thoroughly enjoying the fact that the Blues are currently struggling, but I don't think that's the case. There's more than enough stories and storylines to follow in the other four teams, whether they are positive or negative to write/talk about.

So, why?

Why does a team that isn't very good, the worst rugby team in Aotearoa's Super Rugby conference and the third worst team in Super Rugby dominate all the news and opinion? It's clear that the Auckland Blues hold not really relevancy to the plight of the All Blacks, because the Blues have been stink for a few years now. So, why?

Why oh why!?

To the people of Aotearoa, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have to put up with an utter redonkulous focus on the Auckland Blues. We should all be enjoying how great your team is playing, but instead, I have to say sorry. 

Until the Blues sort their shit out and make decisions like grown men, just leave them alone ya?