Midweek Bulletin - Perspective

Deflate-gate continues to roll on with the New England Patriots deciding not to appeal the team sanctions handed down to them by the NFL, but they'll still be going to legal war over the penalties given to Tom Brady. Anyone with a pinch of brain matter between their ears can see that this is all pretty dumb, but hey, older people just like being really petty, go figure.

News that Seatle Seahawk and Aussie, Jessie Williams has a form of kidney cancer should put a few things into perspective for not only us, but all the athletes and office staff of the NFL. Obviously many athletes face this type of thing regularly, but I just thought that the timing of this was funky and that it's a good time to take stock.

Williams hasn't made his debut for the Seahawks just yet after battling through an injury plaqued few years since being drafted in 2013. It's Wednesday, you're up struggle street but the end of the week is in sight. Take a moment, you've got no major health issues, you've got a job, you've got a brain, be grateful and smile to each other yo.

Rolling with the NFL for a little bit, Tom Burgess has come out and said that he's watching how Jarryd Hayne goes with an eager eye. Burgess was quick to shoot down speculation that he signed a one year deal with the South Sydney Rabbitohs to explore the option of the NFL in the near future, but we'll wait and see.

Also in the NRL, this whole drama with Michael Gordon and the Cronulla Sharks so weird. News came through yesterday that Gordon wasn't at training along or if you like being dramatic that he 'walked out on the Sharks'. The back story here is that the Sharks stopped a mid-season move to the Eels, strangely, as Gordon is been overtaken by younger players and Ben Barba in his favoured fullback spot while the Eels need a fullback. 

Gordon obviously has some sort of issue, whether it be simply a moral issue with the club or a deeper wellbeing issue as the Sharks said in a statement that Gordon had been given time away from training to address personal matters. It's weird, the Sharks are telling us one thing and other parties are telling us another. Drama can't stay away from Cronulla.

We had the battle of the top kiwi teams in the ANZ Championship with the Northern Mystics beating the Waikato BOP Magic 54-49 on Monday night. That makes the Mystics the best kiwi team, by five points and it's good to see at least one kiwi team holding down the fort, despite three Aussie teams having more than the Mystic's 14 points. 

Now there's going to be a variety of court cases following the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Paquiao fight? Yawn, even if it is the public up against the fighters for the 'fraud of the century' it's all a bit meh. You all got sucked in, build a bridge.

Oh and are we going to report it as news every time Mayweather makes a big bet? Or anytime he earns some money? If you don't like Floyd, I suggest you look at the media who beat the same drum over and over again, accept that he's really rich and try get really rich yourself.

We're down to the Conference Finals in the NBA and personally, I'm quite excited. In the West we have the Golden State Warriors up against the Houston Rockets, with the Rockets battling their way through the first few rounds, ridding themselves of the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this week. This will be a nice MVP battle with Steph Curry up taking on James Harden, but don't sleep on the role players, especially for the Rockets as their veteran crew stood up against the Clippers to pinch that series.

In the East you've got a very intriguing match up with the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks were the team that everybody enjoyed trough the season as they worked their way to the top of the Eastern Conference, but many have shot down their hopes of any playoff success. We know all about the Cavaliers, but if you're rooting for the underdog then get in behind the Hawks. 

Here's a cheeky wee midweek warm up for this weekend's UFC action. With Jon Jones out of action, we still have a top tier light heavyweight encounter between Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier, as well as Chris Weidman defending his title against Vitor Belfort. They Johnson vs Cormier fight will be for the light heavyweight title belt, which was relinquished by Jones and we'll dive deeper into this before Friday. 

Oh the Auckland Blues somehow found their way into the news again today, sigh.

With the Football Ferns heading to their World Cup and the Under 20 World Cup going down, here's some good vibes to finish with...