Friday Frills - All Good Figo, Next Time Bro

It's hard to say whether Luis Figo was smart in honestly thinking that he, along with the other candidates could really challenge Sepp Blatter in the running for FIFA top dog. Anyone from the outside, with a basic knowledge of how FIFA works could see that it was slightly foolish and that there would only be one outcome; Lord Blatter would still be top dog.

But as Figo and Dutch Football Association president Michael van Praag withdrew, you've got to praise them for at least attempting to do something to spark change. Too many jokers sit on the sidelines barking out ideas and are unable to get off their backsides to actually do something and that's on a general note, a general note that can is reflected by FIFA.

FIFA strike you as one of the big corporations in the world who are struggling to adjust to the modern age, not in terms of technology but in terms of transparency and common sense. Blatter still rules with an iron fist and Figo's comments after withdrawing himself, well I would say that they make a damming case of dickhead-ness at FIFA, but that would imply that it's something new. Unfortunately, Figo explains exactly how we all probably thought things would go down inside FIFA and the electoral process. 

It sucks, it sure does but that's how old guys roll. It's evident in the running of many organisations around the world, where power has sucked these dudes up and they now believe that they can fuck with Luis Figo, jokes. Blatter/FIFA's stupidity is a constant black mark on football and hopefully at some stage we'll see some transparency, some good vibes, all the sort of stuff that we like, not what old guys like.

Bless Figo though and the other candidates, it's a starting point. I mean, I doubt in previous election situations that there would have been competitive candidates at all, let alone those as vocal as Figo so we've at least got to the starting line. Whether it's Figo who continues the good fight or someone else, I encourage the world to support them, or just cream your undies at the grace of Figo...

So Dean Barker is heading to Japan to sail their boat, great. Hopefully he gets lots of money and sails that boat really well.

Damn, Nathan Tinkler rode into Newcastle (north of Sydney) with plenty of money and good vibes. That was enough to give him the pleasure of owning a few sports teams, which is always a catch 22; 'shit, it would be mean to own a sports team!' .... 'shit, where's all my money?'.

The Newcastle Knights went through a messy situation with Tinkler and this was pretty much copied, or vice versa with the Newcastle Jets in the A-League. Tinkler's track record doesn't look too flash after running both clubs into the ground despite spending a fair bit of dosh on facilities and what not, that's all fine and dandy until players aren't getting paid ya know?

It came to a climax with the Football Federation of Australia taking away the franchise licence, after the club was put in voluntary administration (we're fucked!). It sounds like David Gallop the A-League boss dog has had enough and dropped some rather scathing thoughts, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

"Not paying wages, stadiums, training grounds, numerous trade creditors, owing millions in tax, owing superannuation for months – if you do it for long enough, maybe you start to convince yourself that it's normal and even convince yourself that it's right as an owner. It's not normal or OK. The contributions he has made, however significant, will be forgotten quickly. The community expects better."

Gallop, I like him, he's better than Blatter and he reckons that a A-League team will still remain in Newcastle. They've got to pay the players first of all who are still waiting for their monthly's and then figure out a few logistics with the team unable to get into their training base at Newcastle University because they haven't paid $40,000, boom. It sounds like Gallop is keen to get things right and continue the football presence in Newcastle which is at least a good sign.

And then you've got the Parramatta Eels. I'm feeling inspired to write about how messed up they are, but I'll briefly touch on their salary cap situation which as NRL boss dog David Smith said appears to be more about miss-management than blatant cheating ... I don't know which one is worse. Blatant cheating is pretty bad, but it's kinda funny, like you thought it would work? Ah, poor you.

Not doing your sums properly, ignoring the NRL's warnings and general not doing your job to the required standard, well that implies that you're a silly bugger/s.

It goes along with David Smith's financial aim of having all the clubs run efficiently and in a strong financial position. That's probably why he's so frustrated.

The Under 20's lads suffered a warm up defeat to Honduras in Warkworh, 2-1 but it's not all bad. Coach Darren Bazeley reckoned that after Bill Tuiloma's free kick went in and the kiwis were on top, that they got a wee bit too confident in possession. Definitely not a bad sign that.

Also, how great a lad does Tuiloma appear to be? We don't get to see much of him, but now he's in our spotlight back in Aotearoa and he's a bit of a GC ain't he?

The weekend, well, we've got an all mighty battle in Super Rugby with the Crusaders and Waratahs going up against each in Sydney on Saturday. In the ANZ Championship, there isn't really a humdinger of a fixture, but news that Tactix coach Sue Hawkins got in trouble for ripping into the referees made me smile.

There is a big UFC event going down Las Vegas with UFC 187 headlined by Anthony Johnson vs Daniel Cormier as well as Chris Weidman vs Vitor Belfort. The whole main card is amazing with Donald Cerrone up against John Makdessi as well as heavyweights Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski also set to throw down. 

How can we forget about the NBA playoffs? Lebron James and JR Smith got the Cavaliers a solid first up victory over the Hawks, while the Warriors are 1-0 in the West. The Warriors and Rockets will play twice over the weekend while the Cavs and Hawks will get busy on Saturday which is always a nice viewing time. 

Love, peace and chicken grease.