Monday Crumbs - Money

Well there we have it folks, Floyd Mayweather is now 48-0. 48 and bloody 0, after he defeated Manny Pacquiao in a display that should have been enough to satisfy many boxing gurus. I'll leave the details to my dearest of comrades, the Wildcard, but it seems that Pacquiao fans appeared to be quite salty at the decision. This stat sheet should settle that really as Mayweather did a better job in most departments while his typically 'boring' style doing the trick.

You'll know all the figures by now, both fighters are going to be able to buy a small nation, if they hadn't already but it also spells the probable end of an era. Mayweather will retire after his next fight, the end of his multi fight deal with Showtime while it's hard to imagine Pacquiao going much further. So until we see Joseph Parker in some title contention, I'll pour some out for boxing.

In Europe, the French domination of rugby continues, with Toulon winning the European Champions Cup with their international line up. They defeated Clermont 28-14 in the final which was funnily enough played in London at Twickenham, the home of English rugby. Toulon feature Ali Williams, Chris Masoe and Carl Hayman from Aotearoa as well as Aussies Drew Mitchell, who scored a nice try and Matt Giteau who are now eligible to represent Australia once again. Besides them and a few South Africans highlighted by Bryan Habana, the most intriguing man, especially with the World Cup around the corner is Steffon Armitage who is widely regarded as one of the best players in Europe.

Armitage, a flanker was once again one of the best players on the park but because he's playing in France, there's plenty of discussion as to whether he should be picked for England's World Cup squad. They only pick players playing in England, or Britain, who really cares but do have a loophole for exceptional circumstances. Many believe that Armitage's quality is an exceptional circumstance.

This continuous news of a rebel cricket organisation will fill our pages a plenty over the next few weeks. While I'll leave the investigative journalism to our cricket correspondent in his Lofted Drive report, I can't decide whether it's exciting or a worry. On the one hand you have the ICC which is now a mafia of England, Australia and India which doesn't make for good reading when you look into the growth and development of the game on a world scale, so maybe it would be nice to shake the status-quo up a bit? Especially with how dumb the ICC have proven to be.

On the other hand, the bloke leading the rebel shenanigans is Subhash Chandra who heads the Essel group. Once again, there's plenty of digging to be done, but simply put, Chandra was the man behind the failed and rather disgusting Indian Cricket League, yes the rebel T20 competition that was rife with bullshit. Hmm.

Lydia Ko is having to work her way into contention for the top spot in the North Texas Shootout tournament. She had a poor first round and has had to battle to get below the cut after she almost missed the cut for the first time in 64 tournaments. Adversity is good and any opportunity we get to see Ko have to really fight to stay in contention is also good. A one under par round on day three means she's even and tied for 41st, dodging the second cut too. Ko's promised any prize money she wins at this tournament to the Nepal earthquake relief cause.

Sticking with golf, shout out to Michael Campbell who will retire from golf. Cambo's career took a bit of a dive after he won that US Open, but you can't hold that against him as he's one of only two kiwis to win a major. While it was painful to watch Cambo continue to try and revive his career, hopefully he can start to impact younger golfers with his academies that he'll get firing apparently around the world and within Aotearoa.

Big shout out to Rio Ferdinand, damn, I'd never thought I would say that but Rio lost his wife to cancer over the weekend which is obviously a bummer.

If you don't get a single goosebump from this, you're an alien.

And that's all. Everything. Huh? The Phoenix? Yeah, well... how about we settle for some Kiwis celebration instead? Three in a row over the dirty Aussies, beat England at the end of the year and we'll be ranked first in the world. Boom.