Midweek Bulletin - Slingin'

The fallout from Mayweather-Pacquiao will continue for a fair while yet. Manny is facing disciplinary action for failing to disclose his shoulder injury. The reports are he'll need surgery on the muscle tear in his shoulder, which would rule him out of action for 9-12 months. He hurt it about a month ago, but covered it up, and although he didn't need to declare it, once he asked for a painkilling shot before the fight that kinda screwed with the Nevada Athletic Commission's place. Pacquiao could even face suspension for this, though more likely it blows over. He won't be fighting again this year anyway.

Mayweather's moved immediately on to his next bout, which he says will be in September. And if he says he'll fight in September, then he'll fight in September. So that won't be a rematch with Paq. Amir Khan reckons he's been asked to fight, which makes sense because Floyd Snr. really slammed Khan's abilities in the post-fight presser. The issue is that for a September fight, Khan's build up will be affected by the month of Ramadan, and Khan is devoutly religious. But then with Floyd saying this'll be his last fight, it's also a final chance of a lifetime. The thing is, though, that'd leave him at 49-0, and most people have always assumed he'll stick in for 50-0, beat Rocky Marciano's record, so long as he doesn't get stopped. With Manny's shoulder injury casting just a little bit of doubt, with Manny out for the year... who's picking a 2016 MayPac II?

The boxing world ain't all MayPac, however. Everyone's least favourite NRL to boxing convert (Paul Gallen doesn't count), Anthony Mundine, has dropped out of his upcoming career-saving fight with Austin Trout due to a punctured ear drum. The fight'll be postponed according to Mundine, who viewed this as the first in a three step journey to land a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Better get on ya bike, son, if you wanna get through three steps and a postponement before September.

After stumbling out of the A-League playoffs, the Wellington Phoenix are in a precarious place. Chairman Rob Morrison spoke with Fox Sports about this, confirming that the club are in form negotiations for an extended licence, with just a year remaining on the current one. The league offered a five year extension, the Nix want a longer one. He also talks about marquee players, new stadiums, NZ Football's involvement (or lack thereof) and the Asian Champions League. Read it here. The Nix also announced that five players would be leaving the club with their contracts now running out, those being Kenny Cunningham, Michael Boxall, Josh Brindell-South, Tyler Boyd and Jason Hicks. Good luck to the lot of them. Boyd's already got a contract in Portugal, while Boxall's been linked to Jeremy Brockie's SuperSport side in South Africa.

Former All Black Zac Guildford is returning to NZ, dropping out of his contract with Clermont Auvergne in France due to personal issues and homesickness, but let's not start dragging up the lad's past issues. Almost every headline you see about it is gonna have the word 'troubled' in it, that's no way to treat a guy clearly in need of support and uplifting. He should get more of that being closer to family, all the best to him.

When the Champions League draw was made for the semis a few weeks back, everyone wanted Juventus. Even Juventus would probably rather have played Juventus. Instead they got Real Madrid, and in the first leg of the semi, they really did get Real Madrid. Goals from Morata and Tevez (a penalty) cancelled out Ronaldo's equaliser and gave the Italians the 2-1 advantage heading back to Madrid. The defending champs do have an away goal, but they're gonna need to win that second leg to have any chance of repeating - something no team has done in the UCL since AC Milan in 1989-90.

Also, the Blackcaps have arrived in England ready to get back into the grind. They begin their first warm-up match, a three-dayer with Somerset, on Friday night NZ Time.