Heaven forbid someone, a lovely lady netballer in this case decide to wear compression socks, or show a little bit of personality.

Jeepers creepers, who gives a shit.

There is a serious lack of juicy sporting news or stuff to comment on, especially in our part of the world so allow me to take you on a quick little journey around the globe.

But, we'll start with Maria Tutaia and her .... soc .... her team the Northern Mystics who fell to the Waikato BOP Magic on Monday night. The Magic will now play against the Queensland Firebirds on Sunday in a game that's going to be a big test for the Magic as the Firebirds have been the dominating force in this year's ANZ Championship. 

In Australia, State Of Origin teams have been named so keep an eye out for something about that today. Many of the headlines from Australia centre upon really dumb shit about either Daly Cherry-Evans or Trent Hodkinson, so don't bother.

There has been a bit of interesting news though with Junior Warriors fullback Brad Abbey all but signing with the Bulldogs for three years. It's a great deal for Abbey who has been one of the Junior side's guns on a consistent basis as the Doggies have long been looking for a long term fullback.

Sure, the Warriors may have let one go here but thinking like that makes you almost as dumb as someone who cares about Maria's socks. The Warriors only have so many spots available and it's pretty cool how many players they can develop and then release into the NRL world, we've got a pretty solid production line. If only there was something like what we see in football where the club that a player played his junior football with gets some sort of reward when they are sold to a bigger club. The Warriors don't get any tangible reward for developing Abbey which is a bummer, but it's clear that many NRL clubs are keeping an eye on the Warriors production line.

Yup the Black Caps lost, more on that later.

The FIFA Women's World Cup rolls on and with our Football Ferns not in action until Friday, we'll update what has been going down in Canada right here. Two of the bigger results over the past few days include the USA beating Australia (chur!) 3-1, the Aussies were pretty good but Megan Rapinoe's double showed a bit of a gulf in class between the two teams. 

Remember when the Ferns got touched up by the USA a few weeks ago? Yeah, well at least Australia got similar treatment, right?

With Sweden and Nigeria playing out a draw, the USA now head Group D and Australia are last (chur!). However, if you're looking for a team to strongly dislike at this World Cup, it's the USA, hate them. 

The other big game was between besties France and England with France taking the win 1-0. The winning goal came courtesy of Eugnie Le Sommer, pretty handy effort as well...

Brazil are taking on the Korea Republic soon, today, like this afternoon so if you've got the time then keep an eye on that. Brazil are alright, as always with this football thing and they have this player called Marta, she's fucking awesome...

I think my love affair with Juventus may get a bit creepy now that they have signed Sami Khediea from Real Madrid. The German midfielder has joined on a free transfer and while that Pirlo blokes isn't easily replaced, Khedira is a pretty good lad to bring in to try fill his boots.

NBA Finals game three this arvo, with the series tied at 1-1 she's going to be a biggun'. Wait, every damn game in the NBA Finals is a biggun' which is why it's awesome. We're back in Cleveland so you'd imagine that the Cavs will be up for a biggun' especially with the home boy Mathew Dellavedova having a biggun' in game two as he stepped in for Kyrie Irving.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have taken a 2-1 series lead over the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Finals. Game three was highlighted by Lightning goalie Ben Bishop who took this blow and then went on to make 36 saves in the game.