Monday Crumbs - Parker Goes Boom, But Won't Go Anywhere

Bro, you've got to tip your hat to Joseph Parker who continues to show that he's our best boxer since David Tua (South Auckland raise your arms, cheers Savage).  Parker gave Yakup Saglam the ol' right hook which looked to blow Saglum's noggin off his neck and we again, sit here on a Monday celebrating Parker.

And I once again find myself in the exact same position I've found myself previously after a Parker fight. While we may not have seen such explosive power before, Parker's power has been rather easy to spot, which has made him one of the brightest boxing prospects in the world. But, as you may have guessed as I've voiced this opinion many, many, many times before, we need to see Parker outside of his comfort zone.

I'm all over the place with Parker's career.

Parker has destroyed nearly all of the opponents put in front of him, which is all you can ask for.

Parker's opponents have all been reasonably underwhelming, given that they are all built up as 'his biggest challenge yet' or 'the *insert country here* champion. Or is Parker just so good that he's just steamrolling through these guys? It looks a bit of both; his opponents are alright, not great, just alright and Parker is really good.

Parker has his opponents hand picked for him, guys who are willing to venture down to Aotearoa to take on an up and comer who they don't know a great deal about. But that's boxing, so you can't really criticise Duco because that's how boxing rolls.

Parker has only had three fights outside Aotearoa, which doesn't tell us much about Parker as an international boxer. But Duco and Kevin Barry have had this all mapped out, to slowly build Parker up, which is fair enough.

It's all a bit confusing, but I think we all need to give Parker, Kevin Barry and Duco the benefit of the doubt. I still want to see Parker venture outside of Aotearoa and go fight a top fighter in their backyard, because well, who wouldn't want to see Parker knockout someone in front of their fans? I also think that the options are restricted in terms of his opponents because these guys have to travel to Aotearoa, who would want to do that just to end up with your head knocked off?

It does look like Duco has plenty of cash because they are luring these fighters down here to get their heads knocked off, again, it looks like the plan is working. And the plan will continue as Parker will now fight Kyotaro Fujimoto, a Japanese boxer who had a kickboxing record of 18-5 before turning to boxing. As a boxer he is 11-1, his last fight was in December last year and his only loss came at the hands of Solomon Haumono who played 159 games in the NRL.

Status-quo, that's what this looks like as Fujimoto fits the bill of the sort of fighters that Parker has taken on in his career so far. There is an upwards curve of the quality of his opponents though, which is nice. It was interesting to read that they are targeting a fight against Deontay Wilder, the WBC heavyweight champ who defended his belt against Eric Molina on the weekend. Wilder is a beast and it looks like a Wilder vs Klitschko fight would be the next big boxing event, should it go down. 

Hey Joe, how many giddy old white guys can you get on your bandwagon?

We all know that it cost $49.99 to watch Mayweahter vs Pacquiao  on Sky Areana, and $39.99 to watch Parker? We all know that that is really dumb right?

What's netball in Aotearoa up to? The ANZ Championship final will be contested between the Queensland Firebirds and the New South Wales Swifts after they beat the Northern Mystic and Waikato BOP Magic respectively. An all-Aussie final is a horrible result for kiwi netball and it's also been a bit of a worry to see just how much effort has been put into trying to get Australian players with kiwi connections to switch allegiance. 

With Aussie teams dominating the ANZ Championship all season and then, rightfully dominating the final, it feels like netball in Aotearoa might have a bit of a bruised ego. Especially considering the push to get the youngsters jumping ship, is there a lack of faith in our own young players or are we just not producing good enough youngsters? 

Maybe a shocking World Cup might bump things into action.

The Wildcard will be all over the Under 20 World Cup, football version so keep an eye out for his thingy ma jig but it has been awesome to see all these quarter finals to go penalties. There's nothing better than watching penalties and while it's great theatre, it also points to how close the competition is between the nations.  We now have Brazil vs Senegal in one semi final and Serbia vs Mali in the other semi final and I don't know about you, but I wouldn't ask for a better mix of nations competing at this stage of a World Cup.

It just goes to show how football truly is the global game and while we live in a rugby bubble in Aotearoa, with Super Rugby still dominating the news while the Auckland Blues somehow still get airtime, we have semi finals where three different continents are representing. Shout out to football.

Also, two African nations, and where did a lot of Sepp Blatter's support come from? Africa, hmm, I mean I'm not a fan of Blatter but I am a fan of sport providing a pathway for youngsters who don't have much. Big ups to Africa.

The Women's World Cup is still in pool play but has been equally as entertaining, there's something about women's football that just makes it fun to watch. They aren't as quick, they aren't as strong which means the style of play is a bit different but there's still plenty of skill on display. Our Football Ferns take on China next and we need to win that one, more on that later tonight. Here's some bits and pieces from the weekend...

Cain Velasquez lost his UFC heavyweight belt to Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188 and it raises many more questions about Velasquez. Werdum thoroughly deserved to be crowned the out and out heavyweight champ, but Velasquez has to be a bit pissed off about how everything has gone down. He's come into criticism for his training style which is 110 percent every day which led to his various injuries and then he decided against preparing in altitude for the Werdum fight which Mexico City hosted, well above sea level. 

Oh and here's something disgusting 

Hard luck to Ricardo Christie who was knocked out by Jeremy Flores from France in the 2nd round of the Fiji Pro. Christie lost by a tantalizingly close margin with Flores scoring 17.70 and Christie managing 17.47, rough bickies.