Midweek Bulletin - Cursed

Well how about that for a bit of a Wednesday climax? I don't think I've ever seen a sporting headline involve an exclamation mark, but this morning I woke up to 'Sepp Blatter resigns!'. This has sparked widespread joy amongst the footballing world, except for those who have aligned themselves on Blatter's side, but I'm going to roll with Vincent Kompany...

Rejoice, indeed. The evil dictator that is Mr Blatter will be no longer, but all of this bullshit that comes with FIFA can't be the doing of merely one man. There's a culture of corruption and until proceedings are as transparent as a thirsty shawty, then we'll still be contemplating crazy decisions.

The first step towards transparency though is now ticked off, but Blatter will remain as the overlord until an 'extraordinary' congress takes place ... which won't be until December at the earliest, March next year at the latest. 

Let's look at this from both sides, instead of taking a blatantly anti-Blatter bias that will be going on in kiwi, Australian, American and English media. Blatter got re-elected, but something must have flipped. You don't speak like Blatter did when he got re-elected and then decide to resign a few days latter casually and with former FIFA dude Chuck Blazer's transcript of discussions with the FBI to be released over the next few days, you could point to that as a possible reason. 

Blatter may have thought that the writing was on the wall, which may not have been the case a few days ago. I'd be very happy with this decision if I were Blatter because he is stepping down on his terms, he is still the leader of FIFA and on the surface it appears as though Blatter is leading FIFA into a new age. 

Regardless of where you sit, today's decision has spread positivity and Blatter probably feels like because he was in control of the decision, it's his doing. He may have caught wind that the alphabet boys are coming for him specifically and have the evidence to do so, so maintain control would have been key for Blatter.

The other aspect is that Blatter remains as the key decision maker until a new head hauncho is elected in that extraordinary congress. Blatter can either right a few wrongs, again spreading a thin veil of positivity or he can just chill out and do nothing. I reckon he will definitely do the former, he would have made this decision and known that he wants to go out with some sort of dignity.

Sidenote - titties, fuck, shit, poo, diddles, kinda, wee, dork, marnus, ufa ... these FIFA people use such extravagant English when speaking. 

Anti-Blatter folk will obviously be quite chuffed; they got their man. Only time will tell though if anything actually changes and these few months with Blatter still in charge will be interesting to see what path FIFA looks to be heading down. There's a bunch of candidates who are in line for election, but damn, we've still got half a year at least to wait so who cares. 

On a more positive note for world football, we've still got the Under 20 World Cup trucking along. The Wildcard is all over it like the alphabet boys are all over Blatter but the awkward Australian tour of English teams continued last night with Chelsea defeating Sydney FC 1-0 thanks to this screamer from Loic Remy...

Full highlights for what it's worth...

It's quarter-final time at Roland Garros, which saw Roger Federer knocked out. Federer lost to fellow Swiss (it's a day for the Swiss!) Stan Wawrinka. We've got a blockbuster of a QF with Rafael Nadal taking on Novak Djokovic today, along with Andy Murray against David Ferrer. On the ladies side Serena Williams headlines the day's play up against Sara Erani with Ana Ivanovic sealing a semi-finals spot. 

There have been a few stories about kiwis playing in State Of Origin, which is clearly so dumb, so, so dumb. What is much smarter is to have our own Origin type of thing and Jim Doyle has suggested that this could be the case. I like it and as cheerleaders of rugby league in Aotearoa, I reckon it would go down well with the public and would give us as rugby league fans something to get in behind on our shores. 

We don't have much, there's the NRL, the Kiwis and then provincial footy which doesn't get much love. Having a big game or a series of big games within Aotearoa would be a great reward for kiwi fans and it would be a success, don't you worry about that.

Unfortunately, unless Doyle is willing to create the event on behalf of the Warriors, he can't really do much. He's just said that it would be cool, so don't get too jiggy. 

Pour some out for Danny Cipriani, the English first-five who was arrested after crashing his whip after a few drinks. Cipriani was named in England's World Cup training squad, but his place is now in danger as he's got a bit of a history, England will wait for a bit more information before making a decision. 

In fact, pour some out for England rugby. Manu Tuilagi got arrested for being dumb and won't be at the World Cup, Dylan Hartley was being dumb on the field and got dropped from the training squad and now Cipriani. 

Lydia Ko is back in action, at the Manulife Classic in Canada after a week off. She'll be out to get some good rounds behind her before she heads to New York next week for the Women's PGA Championship.

This is cool isn't it? Smile on your humpday, just like Cam Newton who just signed a 5-year $103.8 million contract extension. Cowabunga.

And big up to Chris Bosh who is back on the basketball court after battling against blood clots in his lungs this season. It's a bit worse than a torn hammy or something, so shout out to you Boshy.