Monday Crumbs - The Serena Slam

The mark of Serena Williams as a tennis player and athlete is that she's won the 'Serena Slam' ... twice. The mere fact that the 'Serena Slam' exists should prove as enough evidence that Williams is arguably the greatest female tennis player ever (she's one slam away from Steffi Graf's 22) and in my humble opinion Williams is one of the top five most dominant athletes walking this planet at the moment.

Williams defeated young Spaniard Garbine Muguruza in the women's final at Wimbledon over the weekend to go 21-4 in finals appearances and she now holds all four Grand Slam trophies, hence the 'Serena Slam'. She still has to win the US Open later this year to complete it in the calendar year and I'm not really sure what they'll call that one, maybe the 'Super Serena Slam'. Anyway, Serena Williams is the best.

Also pretty handy at this tennis lark is Novak Djokovic who was too good for Roger Federer in the men's final. I'll allow my comrade the Wildcard to take centre stage as he has written a pair of poems for a pair of legends, and it does feel kind of rude because I'm going to talk about the homie Roger. A Wimbledon final generally dominates the headlines that morning, very similar to how Serena Williams dominates ladies tennis and it was slightly puzzling as most of the headlines revolved around Federer's retirement or 'Federer to play on after Wimbledon' defeat.

This is troubling, first of all because it happens after pretty much every major tournament which goes into this second issue of taking away from the performance of the winner in this case Djokovic. Simply put, Federer made the final of Wimbledon and did so at 33 years of age so who cares when or how Federer will retire. At the moment he's still one of the best male tennis players in the world so let's chill a bit yeah?

I've just stolen all the thunder away from Novak, so chur Novak. 

Nah sorry Novak, you're the man.

All hail Connor McGregor who has shown that he's very much about his business and let's all be honest here - he's living up to the hype. At UFC 189 McGregor withstood a bunch of takedowns from Chad Mendes and then pounced on the smallest slip up from Mendes and landed one of his trademark left hands which was good enough to put Mendes on the canvas.

So McGregor is the interim champ of the featherweight division and is now the undisputed star of the UFC, even if his belt is an interim belt. He's the most marketable fighter in the UFC besides Rhonda Rousey and he's showing that he's an extremely capable fighter as many thought that Mendes might pose a threat with his ground game, which he did in stages of that fight but McGregor managed to withstand those attacks and then get back to where he's comfortable, on his feet. 

Robbie Lawler defended his belt against Rory MacDonald in one of the best/craziest fights you'll see as both men battered each other, like nek nevel brutality and neither of them wanted to take a backward step.

I mean shit...

But they love each other, awwww....

This whole Oly Whites situation, where they were booted out of the Pacific Games/Oceania qualifying tournament is all very, very strange. It involves young Deklan Wynne who was born in South Africa and it's a super duper complex situation, far too complex for me to wrap my head around. All I know is that someone from Vanuatu, who lodged the complaint after their loss to the kiwis, is very switched on and was quick to fire this baby up.

That swiftness and knowledge of the eligibility rules doesn't appear to have been reflected by those at New Zealand Football, who if it is proven to be correct, have rather strangely overlooked all of this. Now, NZF might have grounds to stand on and their rebuttal might be successful so that makes things even murkier because what happens then? Fiji ended up beating Vanuatu, and with NZF failing in their bid to challenge the ruling yesterday, they must now wait as the elongated challenge process plays out, but what's if they win that - do they play off against Fiji or? Strange, murky, weird and just a bit dumb really.

Sophie Devine went bang for the White Ferns in their win over India in their first T20 match, how about this for company?

Ricardo Christie's World Surfing League tour of leisure/work(?) continues, this time taking home to J-Bay on South Africa's Eastern Cape where Christie finished second in his first heat. Christie now goes up against Aussie veteran Joel Parkinson in a tough second round match up, which has been on delay thanks to mother nature. Anyway, check out Christie's first round...

How about Danny Lee, popping up from the golfing oblivion to register a few good results over the last month or so. After a win on the PGA Tour in his last start, Lee has finished third at the John Deere Classic after a receiving a penalty for picking up his ball on the fairway (golf aye?) and despite bogeying the last hole, had he not got that penalty he would have been tied for first and gone into a playoff with the man of the hour Jordan Spieth and some joker Tom Gillis. 

There is a silver lining though as Lee is carrying some hot form into the Open Championship (the one they play in Scotland) which starts later this week.

Oh and if you're sick of seeing Richie McCaw on your telly screens whether it be on an ad or that super weird 'Breakdown' thing (weird thanks to the other two plonkers, not Richie's genius), well you'd better get used to it. There ain't nothing like a player coming to the end of their career who wants to keep on cashing them cheques.