Midweek Bulletin - Let's Move On Ya?

Man, this Oly Whites drama is proving to be some shit, right? The Wildcard did his best to explain the whole thing and we've been all ears to anyone who has some sort of understanding of 'articles' and 'statutes' but how about we just move on?

If New Zealand Football get the two points in all of this (... a legal win) then what? They get to feel good about themselves because they actually weren't so dumb? It's hard to see anything change with the actual football side of things, ya know, Olympic qualification and all so at this point it just feels like NZF is trying to save face. 

But do they need to? Sure, they slipped up and made a mistake, but after reading the Wildcard's verdict, it's a mistake that I would probably make as well. Trying to interpret these FIFA eligibility rules is like legal action from the US government or a super large corporation where they make everything so damn confusing that you've got no idea about what's going down, and you get screwed over.

There's the taste of a conspiracy against NZF as well - a cheeky little bit of karma at the hands of FIFA for not supporting Lord Blatter? 

Whatever the case, it's not as simply as NZF being really stupid and messing up. The harder they fight now, the longer this goes on and the more confusing it gets while it definitely doesn't make NZF look any better. Personally, I don't think NZF would lose anything if they just said 'yo, whatever, if you guys wanna be a bunch of dicks, good for youz' and moved on. 

But they probably won't, so expect this to drag on until someone can say 'ha! I'm right and you're not'.

Speaking of conspiracies and overlords, Indian cricket has once again stepped into the match-fixing spotlight with two IPL teams - the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals finding themselves in low key spot of bother. The co-owner of the Royals Raj Kundra and Gurunath Meiyappan of the Super Kings have been banned from any cricketing activities, including a bit of BYC, for life as they were knee deep in the shady underworld of sub-continent cricket (bit dramatic, but it sounds cool).

The major issue here is that the Super Kings and Royals will be suspended for two seasons, in a tough sentence from the BCCI who seem eager to put some distance between professional cricket and that shady underworld. This leaves a massive gap in the IPL and while we might see two teams pop up under different ownership to fill that void, loosing two teams in an eight team competition isn't healthy, not to mention the calibre of players who play for each team. 

Does this put the IPL's existence in danger? I'm sure they will find some way to battle through this and the BCCI's angry-parent stance is like a breath of fresh air so you've got to stay positive, but it does raise a side question about the importance of the IPL. At the start of T20 cricket, the IPL came in and blew everyone away but now we're seeing different T20 leagues step up with the Big Bash, the Caribbean Premier League and England's T20 Blast come into the equation. 

If things somehow get worse in India (I don't think they will), we are at the very least in a healthy position with T20 leagues around the world. The IPL isn't as important as it once was.

Don't sleep on seeing T20 cricket at the Olympics at some stage in our lifetimes either, that could be cool.

I just had to take some time out to appreciate the work of Novak Djokovic. The Novak Djokovic who has $82,346,218 career winnings and has topped the money-making list in four of the past five years, the Novak Djokovic who has won five Australian Open titles, three Wimbledon's, a US Open and currently dominates China as he's unbeaten in 28 matches at the Shanghai Rolex Masters. You're alright Novak.

Kiwi surfer Ricardo Christie was robbed of progression in South Africa and the J-Bay open as he went down to Joel Parkinson by the slightest of margins 18.84 vs 18.13. Christie scored 8.43 and 9.70 in a great effort with the average wave score of this heat (9.24) the highest of any of the second round match ups. Unfortunately, Christie's now chilling on the beach watching the rest of lads as they enter the fourth round, with heavy-hitters Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina and Adriano de Souza all still with a chance of winning.

We've got some early-doors squads named leading into the Oceania qualification basketball series between the Boomers and the Tall Blacks. Steven Adams hasn't been named in the Tall Blacks squad for their European tour but could still appear for the series against the Boomers, but the presence of young bigs Isaac Fotu, Rob Loe and Tai Wynyard is exciting and we'll get to see how Corey Webster has been improving after spending time in America. 

Tall Blacks - Tom Abercrombie, Duane Bailey, Everard Bartlett, Isaac Fotu, Leon Henry, Shea Ili, Jarrod Kenny, Rob Loe, Dion Prewster, Lindsay Tait, Reuben Te Rangi, Mika Vukona, Corey Webster, Tai Wynyard.

Boomers - David Anderson, Cameron Bairstow, Andrew Bogut, Ryan Broekhoff, Matthew Dellavedova, Dante Exum, Adam Gibson, Chris Goulding, Nathan Jawai, Damian Martin, Brock Motum, Brad Newley.

The MLB Home Run derby took place yesterday, here's some bits and pieces...

You're such a lovely bunch, so you deserve a reward for gracing us with your presence, here's some youngin' getting nutzed...

Oh, shit the bed, you get two little rewards ... here's the Shaun Johnson doing his thang #SJ100

Just keep watching it over and over again.