Midweek Bulletin - #KiaKahaAdamGoodes

Let me check what year we are in ... oh 2015, yet here we are looking on as one of the best AFL players currently in the game, let alone ever is getting booed around Australia. Every time Adam Goodes - who plays for the Sydney Swans and has a rather large list of achievements including two Premierships, two Brownlow Medals, four-time All Australian, Indigenous Team Of The Century and Australian Of The Year last year - sets foot on an opponent's ground this season, he gets booed.

Why? Well you'd have to ask those who feel the great urge to boo Goodes, but it's pretty obvious that there is a racial element. Let's just call this how it is - it's racist.

Now before I go much further,we have also seen a few racist antics on our own shores recently so we're not a land of do-gooders either. The treatment of Fijian rugby player Sake Aca in Canterbury shows that us kiwis also have a lot of work to do and while we believe that we have moved into an inclusive society, reality says that we haven't as you and I both know that racism still exists in Aotearoa.

In saying that, here we are celebrating Maori culture this week - something which we at the Niche Cache do every day instead of a token week or so every year - and I think we can all agree that while not being perfect, we appear to be a much nicer bunch than those across the ditch and in certain countries around the world (like the world-ruler).

I found it extremely ironic that as we celebrate the Indigenous people of Aotearoa and Aotearoa in general, that the current Australian Of The Year is being booed for well, being an Indigenous Australian. Goodes received a frosty reception when he performed a 'war cry' after scoring a goal earlier in the season and this week we saw a teammate/younger 'bro in Lewis Jetta do the same thing in support of Goodes as boo's were heard in Perth as the faced the West Coast Eagles.

I don't know about you, but every time I see a haka, I get tingly. It's a feeling that I can't describe as the Palmerston North Boys haka below almost had me in tears, while a pre-match All Blacks/Kiwis haka makes me feel immensely proud to come from this little nation.

I don't know why many Australians get agitated by the Indigenous Australian equivalent, maybe they just don't understand and this has to have some impact on why they have decided to boo Goodes. Imagine being Goodes, as an Indigenous leader who has done some great things for his people (his people = Indigenous and non-Indigenous) both on and off the footy oval, but now every time he's on that oval, he is rewarded with a boo.

I remember the uproar in Aotearoa about the ol' boo and we saw it again when Argentina played the All Blacks in Canterbury (coinkidink? lol, jokes, settle) as fans booed for no real reason besides the fact that they didn't like what the Argentinians were doing. So take that level of booing, which we are apparently not to keen on and amplify it with racial undertones and a disgusting level of consistency.

I feel like I shouldn't have to say that not all Australians act this way and most who have a voice have said that it's just plain wrong, which is great. But it's happened and there's a possibility that Goodes who is nearing the end of his career could finish up this way - is it an AFL problem? There are copious amounts of great athletes in both the AFL and NRL, a large portion of each game's very best players are Indigenous, but this anti-nature vibe is only seen in the AFL so I don't really know.

Either way it sucks and I wish there was something that we could do, as kiwis to lend our support to Goodes and the Indigenous culture/people of Australia. We definitely haven't got things sussed over here, but you can't tell me that we're not in a much better position.

How about a hashtag? #KiaKahaAdamGoodes

This is somewhat related, but really it's just a timely reminder of how dumb us humans have been for quite some time...

Zac Guildford looks set to be reunited with Darryl Gibson at the Waratahs next season, which is a complex thing to wrap your head around. We obviously want the best for Guildford and a change of scenery, while being so close to home could do him wonders, not to mention that Gibson will offer a mentor and guidance as well. But is Sydney the place for a recovering alcoholic? I'm not 100 percent sure about that, but it does offer Guildford a chance to forge a successful professional rugby career out of what has been a rather crazy past few years.

It's our nature to only really pay attention to those who go on and achieve in their chosen sport, but things can very quickly go pear-shaped and Guildford's career is now at a crossroads. Europe wasn't a crossroads because he was so far from home that there was a slim chance of it working, but now it is purely up to Guildford as everything looks to be in his favour. All the best chief.

Lydia Ko is set to bring the ruckus at the British Open which starts tomorrow night with the second best golfer in the world warming up on a similar links style course last week at the Scottish Ladies Open. Ko finished fourth there and will be eyeing up the competition, I'm excited but apparently she has some competition in the form of local lass and fellow teenager Charley Hull. 

The Silver Ferns won again against South Africa, yey! I was pretty excited for the Netball World Cup, but these games against Fiji and South Africa have quieten that excitement down a whole lot. Hopefully I find my peptides soon in time for the World Cup.

Pour one out/light one up for Tom Brady who lost his battle against the NFL and Roger Goodell to have his 'deflate-gate' suspension ruling overturned. I'll leave this one for the Wildcard, he knows much more than me.

Sticking with the NFL and while we appear to be living in the stone age a lot of the time - racism, needless killing of each other etc, we have seen Jen Welter become the first female NFL coach. Coach as in she's been hired as the assistant linebacker coach during training camp, which is so far removed from being a legit coach, but hey, it's a step in the right direction. Shout out to her.

And shout out to Vladimir Putin for his top-shelf troll. Just as Michel Platini has said that he'll be running for the FIFA-overlord position, currently held by Sepp Blatter, Putin has said that Blatter deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. A classic troll, which has gone worldwide, what a troll.

Take us out John Cena...