Friday Frills - Oooooh, Why Are We Being So Dumb?

What was the worst bit about Billy Moore's 'coconut style' comments when describing the Warriors?

Well, it's incorrect. 

Here is a bloke who is apparently a legend, on one of the most-watched NRL shows that goes throughout Australia and Aotearoa, saying something that is blatantly incorrect.

Now, I'm connecting a few racial stereotype dots together here and as Scotty Stevenson pointed out earlier in the week, these racial stereotypes are everywhere. What I believe Moore was referring to is an exciting brand of footy where players throw the ball around, off-the-cuff, unpredictable etc and if we are going to take this racial stereotyping even further - it lacks the control that maybe in Moore's world, a white Australian might provide.

But I haven't seen any signs of anything close to a coconut-style of football, nor have I seen anything from the Warriors that lends themselves to any stereotype regarding Polynesians. Throw in the fact that other NRL clubs possibly have as many, if not more Polynesian players than the Warriors and Moore's comments are even dumber.

The Warriors this season have lacked any real creativity, to the point where I pleaded in one of my weekly Diary Of A Warriors Fan segments that the Warriors should play with a greater sense of fun, like they were in the backyard instead of playing with far too much structure ... kinda like the Blackcaps have done.

Maybe I should have said "play coconut-style!"

Racist? No. Moore's stereotyping of the Warriors comes from a time when he was playing, when he would kick these sorts of descriptions around the changing room, possibly with some accuracy as the Warriors have earned that stereotype at various stages since 1995. Moore was just being dumb on both the factual side and the the insensitive side, just as Australia's going through a rather sad time.

That's the thing for me as Moore was being dumb, while being beamed into people's lounges across two countries as an NRL 'expert'. But unfortunately for Moore, relying on factually incorrect stereotypes doesn't make you an expert, just a dumbo. This isn't a time to be dumb and insensitive mate.

This Adam Goodes saga doesn't look like easing up either, but not because of anything that Goodes' doing. Numerous people have come out against Goodes, but most of them, like Shane Warne and Jason Ackermanis are middle-aged white guys who are the crux of the problem. You could put Moore in that group as well, but I won't as I don't think he deserves it, he was just being a bit dumb.

The amount of shit Goodes is getting is astonishing. 

Sure, we might have overreacted slightly believing that he's being booed for racial reasons (apparently he's a niggly player, or he called out a young girl ... who called him an ape) but the extend to which many white Australians have got defensive shows that there is a vast racial gap in Australia. There have been many, many more white Australians supporting Goodes and if they haven't publicly supported him, they haven't said anything but to hear these people rip into Goodes is just odd. 

Why are we so dumb people?

Speaking of being dumb, how about this New Zealand Football saga that just won't stop. Now there are reports that allegations have been made against NZF for fielding a whole bunch of players who weren't eligible to represent Aotearoa in a variety of age groups.

At one stage it did feel like the Oceania Football Confederation were flexing their muscle on some war-path against NZF and I won't rule out a anti-NZF conspiracy as it does hold some weight given the landscape of football's governing bodies. However, it does look as though NZF has been a bit dumb here and either completely ignored eligibility rules or, they haven't quite understood them fully.

Either way it's dumb. To not fully understand or overlook these rules, well that's your job, for a few of the people in NZF - that's all you were ask to do.

I think we are overplaying the angle of 'player X came to Aotearoa when he was 4' or 'I feel like a New Zealander' because that doesn't matter. There are rules, there's guidelines ... or there's a reasonably complex checklist, those are the only things that matter and unfortunately for us as kiwi football fans, we are left speculating and debating because NZF don't appear to have much of an idea either.

This goes against how we perceive our governing bodies to behave here in Aotearoa. We expect things to be done the right way and we expect them to be handled efficiently, which is why NZF's current situation is just plain embarrassing.

There was a time when I was really excited at this stage of the week leading into a Joseph Parker fight. I would have Parker front and centre, he'd be the headline act as we celebrated our boxing hope - the man who could possibly do what David Tua couldn't. There will still be that time, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

Parker is fighting Bowie Tupou in Invercargill this weekend, which is nice for the people of the deep south as they get a live sporting event. So that's great, I'm excited for Invercargill but damn, we've been here before and we'll probably get served up the same result as I, like you expect Parker to be too good for this Tupou lad.

This is nothing against Parker, or Duco as I know that this is the right path for Parker as he gets more fights under his belt, but a consequence of that is my diminishing excitement levels. Every few months it seems like Parker is fighting another guy who is clearly not as good as him and people are expect to dish out their hard earned cash to watch, but every fight takes the novelty factor down a notch. 

There's only one word to describe the guy on the left of Bowie Tupou here - goofy.

I'll catch some highlights or something at some stage, I'll be interested in the result, but I won't be excited to see Parker step in the ring until he's facing a challenge overseas.

If you read local media reports on Valerie Adams, you would think that she's lost her arm or something - 'time to push the panic button?' Adams has under-performed recently as she struggles to get throw further than 19 metres, let alone 20 but SHE HAD SURGERY ON HER ELBOW AND HASN'T COMPETE FOR A YEAR. 

Adams' is clearly looking long term and this recent run of poor results serve nothing more than gearing her up for the World Champs next month, or if she doesn't compete there then the Rio Olympics. To look at these results in isolation and as a sign that she is past it, are dumb and unfair to one of our greats.

Lydia Ko is going alright...

The Tall Blacks suffered a narrow loss to Croatia the other day thanks to this buzzer beater below and this morning they have again put in a strong showing but couldn't quite get the win against Slovenia going down 73-68. Croatia's 12th in the world and Slovenia are 13th so these are strong showings from our lads who sit in 21st on the world rankings. 

Oh and don't sleep on Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correira this weekend. Any time the great lady is in action, it's worth watching.