Monday Crumbs - Winnie The Bro #FlyingKiwis

I can completely ignore a mediocre showing from my Gunners because the opposition captain and Man Of The Match this morning was none other than Winston Reid. West Ham United beat Arsenal 2-0 at the Emirates - Arsenal's home turf and as I did the rounds checking out some of the reaction to this game, I was reminded what a great lad Winnie is.

On the field, Reid was nearly always in the right place at the right time and led his troops how we expect our kiwi skippers to. It's only taken one weekend of Premier League action to make me forget about the woes of New Zealand Football and their sillyness because our All Whites skipper is one of our finest sportsmen and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Aotearoa's Upper Echelon

For the record, Aotearoa's Upper Echelon consists of: Reid, Richie McCaw, Valerie Adams, Lydia Ko, Kane Williamson and Steven Adams. Heck you could probably chuck Scott Dixon in there along with a few others, but that's off the top of the dome so forgive me.

We love our #FlyingKiwis here at the Nichey Niche and while #FlyingKiwis is open to most of our athletes soaring around the globe, it's specifically refers to our footballers doing their thing. The season's underway and that means that the Wildcard is back at his manic schedule trying to stay in the know about the likes of Reid, Tommy Smith, Chris Wood, Marco Rojas, Ryan Thomas and Bill Tuiloma etc, so tune in. Every Monday night, be there or rely on some dummy from the mainstream.

The Netball World Cup got underway on Friday and it's almost over ... almost. The opening weekend showed me why the NWC has to be condensed down into a week because watching some of these games between the minnows is extremely difficult - that's coming from someone who loves to celebrate the minnows. 

Obviously the big story so far has been the Silver Ferns beating Australia, which I'm going to compared to the Wallabies defeating the All Blacks. In both cases, the result isn't a matter of life or death with opportunities later on to rectify things and make the most of the lessons that the Australian netballers and the All Blacks took away from those results.

The Silver Ferns seemed pretty excited about beating Australia, which is fair enough given they were in a similar position to the Wallabies, but if the Silver Ferns look too far ahead, they could find themselves overlooking the threat that England, Jamaica and Malawi could pose, let alone an Australian team eager to show the Ferns what's up.

Malawi, big fucking shout out to Malawi yo...

Another shout out to Danny Lee, who's enjoying a super run of form with a sixth-place finish at the Bridgestone Invitational, in LeBron James' backyard - Akron, Ohio. The best thing with Lee at the moment is the same with what I've said about Lydia Ko as, when not winning, they aren't dropping off deep into the field.

Lee's last four (excluding the Open Championship which was smack bang in the middle of these four results where he made the cut which is still pretty handy) stars have seen him finish 1st, 3rd-tied, 4th-tied and 6th-tied which is a mighty effort. Then a cheeky look at the bigger picture, which in Lee's case is the FedEx Cup tells us that Lee has had seven top-10 finishes in 31 starts and currently sits in 10th on the standing. I love that, but I love this put from earlier in the Bridgestone Invitational...

No ANZAC rugby league Test? No worries. It looks like there will be a stand-alone weekend for the 2nd State Of Origin game, which will be played on a Sunday night with the Pacific Tests that formed a pretty cool rep weekend early in the season to be moved to this mid-season blockbuster of a weekend. 

That does mean that we will be robbed of the ANZAC Test but there's going to be an specific window for international footy after the NRL season which should ensure that progress made in the international game, won't be lost.

How cool is this!?

Could Amanda Nunes pose a threat to Ronda Rousey's domination? Maybe...

A few months ago I wrote about Lalit Modi's involvement in a possible rebel cricket organisation - not just a league, but a legit organisation to rival the ICC. Modi stayed quiet back then, but has admitted that he's played some sort of role in putting together plans or blueprints as to how a rebel organisation could exist.

My wearyness comes as Modi is still a pretty shady character, as are a few of the other folk involved, but the idea of having some competition to the ICC is something I do like.