Midweek Bulletin - #hitIAAF

When an issue confronts a sport like we have seen with the news of reported widespread doping in athletics, there's very few options on how to go about kicking up a fuss. We, in the media can write about it all we like, we can say how disgusting it is and we can try our best to hold people accountable, but at the end of the day we are merely writers.

The best way to go about bringing in some sort of change comes via the athletes, especially when many people see part of the blame laying with the governing body. That's why despite this video below being slightly awkward, it's immensely important because it is the only way the clean athletes can bring about change. Instead of point the finger at the 'bad apples' which wouldn't do much to bring about change, they point the finger at the IAAF which I believe is far more powerful and it's a great way to show that there is a distinct line between those who are somewhat guilty and those who are all good. This line isn't just a case of dopers vs clean athletes, as this video puts the IAAF in the same group as the dopers and that's the type of flexin' that the athletes need to do.

The Netball World Cup rolls on and we had a few games of a more competitive variety last night with the SIlver Ferns beating Jamaica and the Australian Diamonds defeating the ladies from England. Is it all good to say that this made me sad? Despite both Jamaica and England showing that they are definitely in the top four of world netball as they served up some quality netball for much of these games, the Ferns and Diamonds did emerge at the end of each game with their reputations in-tact and it showed that Jamaica and England still have a bit of work to do.

Now, Malawi might have something to say about that and they face the Ferns tonight which could give me the upset I've been hoping for but the Ferns haven't showed any reasons as to how they could be upset. It continues to look like a Ferns vs Diamonds final, which was always likely and will offer a great contest, but damn, I still want to see something crazy, otherwise it's a bit lame really - two teams head and shoulders above everyone else.

The Wellington Phoenix have slid into the Round Of 16 in the FFA Cup (Australia's FA Cup) with a 1-0 win over the Central Coast Mariners. They goal came from Kwabena Appiah who joined the 'Nix last season but didn't get a whole lot of game time and the fact that in came thanks to a dumb goalie error, made it doubly funky.

How about American 'soccer' fans though? There's a bit of a rivalry sparking up in New York with the Manchester City-aligned New York City coming into the MLS joining the New York Red Bulls and there's been plenty of banter...

...And violence as two groups of fans took their 'English football fan fantasies' to another level here. Peep the 'who are ya!?' ... it sounds funny with an American accent.

Oceania Championship basketball fever continues to heat up as we near the first game this Saturday and while I celebrated (sorry Dante) for a brief period of time with Dante Exum ruled out, the Boomers have just casually called up Patty Mills. NBA Champion/San Antonio Spur Patty Mills, yes. Mills was left out of the initial Boomers squad as he was recovering from a shoulder injury and wasn't able to travel with the Boomers on their European tour, which meant that Andrej Lemanis didn't want to bring in Mills just for the Oceania Champs, thus upsetting his continuity.

Exum's injury changed that and Mills has joined the Boomers. In true down-under fashion, there's no bad blood between Mills and his team/coach as he's just slid right on in to the team set up like he wasn't even left out of the squad. I'm super excited for this series, but these Boomers look pretty freakin' good and it's going to take something special from the Tall Blacks to get the W in Australia. 

Woah woah woah woah woah. We've got Ruben Wiki, so ya know, whatever.

Dope little piece from The Guardian in the United Kingdom with Connor McGregor which gives you a nice insight into McGregor and what makes him who he is - a pretty smart dude. This is my favourite gem from McGregor and you can apply it to any non-sporting context as well, just a bit of inspiration for your Wednesday.

“After school you go to college or get a trade. You don’t sit around doing nothing. My parents dragged me out of bed but I was unsure what I wanted to do. Then my mother found me this place in the plumbing industry. It’s weird how society works. Rather than allowing you time to find the thing you love and can pursue with complete conviction, we’re told: ‘You must work – no matter how much you dislike it.’ I just felt I was going to be the person I wanted to be, regardless of what anyone said.”

Jarryd Hayne ran the ball and did the touchdown thingy, just after apparently taking a massive whack as well...

We'll finish back with Mills as he turned 27 yesterday, which means that Spurs fans are enjoying some Mills-loving..