Monday Crumbs - Rowdy Rousey

Oh Ronda Rousey. As the world heads into a Performance Enhancing Drug spin, Rousey in all her beauty put on another ruthless display at UFC 190. Cynics, who have seen many sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, cycling and athletics taken over by PED's, would lead you to believe that Rousey simply can't be as dominant as she has been without the assistance of a few pick me ups along the way.

But we all know that Rousey is clean, well we have no reason to think otherwise. I don't imagine female athletes who take PED's would look as good as Rousey and I don't think that the UFC would invest as much time and money into Rousey if she was juiced on something. 

A counter-point to that could be Rousey is one of, if not the most bankable star the UFC has on its roster and so she makes the UFC a fair amount of cash as well. Whatever the case may be, Rousey is a beast and while she headed into her fight with Bethe Correira as the firm favourite, Rousey still managed to capture the imaginations of sports fans around the world with another rapid victory.

Many a good judge had Rousey winning this fight easily as it was an almost unanimous belief that Correira had talked her way into this fight. Which is why we saw Rousey put on such a show and rub it in a little bit as well as Correira had fired many verbal shots towards Rousey but in the octagon, Rousey was far too dominant.

And she has been for pretty much her whole UFC career.

On a Monday where many media folk are zoned in on this report about apparent widespread PED (not fussed about specifics) use in athletics, Rousey stopped much of the sporting world in their tracks. Not because she's a beacon of hope for clean athletes, but Rousey now sits in world sport's upper echelon.

If Messi or Ronaldo are playing football, you'll watch. 

If LeBron James or Steph Curry are shooting hoops, you'll watch.

If Serena Williams or one of the big three are in a tennis semi/final, you'll watch

And for us kiwis...

If the All Blacks are playing, you'll watch.

Rousey is a star, not just a MMA star, but an all-round legit star.

Ironically, the only woman who many people feel can pose some sort of threat to Rousey besides Miesha Tate - the only lady to take Rousey beyond the first round - goes by the name of Cyborg. Christiane 'Cyborg' Justino is Rousey's Manny Pacquiao if she's Floyd Mayweather, this is the fight that everybody wants to see and while no one questions Rousey's greatness, it's a fight that would put her in the 'unquestionable' bracket.

The sticking point is that Cyborg has tested positive for an anabolic steroid in 2011 and the UFC and Rousey would obviously only fight her if she proved that she was clean and could make the 135 pounds of Rousey's UFC division. While this is the fight everyone wants, it won't happen unless things are done properly which is thanks to tougher stance from the UFC on PED use as they have had a few issues in the past.

How do I feel about this athletics drama? Well I know that the reports pretty much state that PED use is widespread throughout the sport, but we weren't given any conclusive proof that tests had come back negative. You can obviously connect the dots, but that would suggest that the governing body - the IAAF have swept a few things under the rug, conveniently.

This raised a greater question in my mind as I had to ask myself about the use of PED's in world sport. I wouldn't say that I don't care, but from my experience watching on from a distance as a variety of sports deal with those who have cheated, I am comfortable with the fact that it never really ends up too well for athletes who have cheated.

Sure, some athletes might have secretly been doping and won a whole bunch of medals etc and we'd never know, but the majority of the time, they get caught. And most of the time, you can tell whether it be from their physical appearance or with different PED's, you can question how some joker managed to win all those Tour de France's, which I doubt will ever be repeated again. In most cases, it's preeeeeeeeeeeeetty obvious.

I'm not naive and I care, but I also believe in that airy-fairy thing called karma. Plus, I prefer positivity and consistently taking a cynical approach would only hinder my sports-loving experience. 

Which is why I find it hard to believe that Bowie Tupou took a dive in his loss to Joseph Parker. I haven't been punched too often in the head and I have never been punched by anyone with nearly as much power as Parker and with that I simply believe that Tupou got knocked the fuck out.

In the big scheme of things though, this fight gave us nothing. We already know that Parker's a freak with lightning fast hands and obvious power in those hands, while it was pretty clear early on that Tupou was well below Parker's level. That's where I currently sit with Parker - I want to see him fight someone who is on par with him, or apparently better than him. I don't care for these fights against these battlers, let's see Parker test himself.

Chris Wood banged one in for Leeds United. Keep an eye out for our Flying Kiwis from the Wildcard later on...

Also on that UFC 190 card was Soa 'The Hulk' Palelei who fights out of Australia and is close homies with Mark Hunt. Palelei was up against Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva who was a step up for Palelei and he suffered a bit of a pummeling, poor fella.

As always, big shout to Lydia Ko who grabbed a third at the Women's British Open. I'm not sure whether people seem to think that Ko should be winning every tournament that she plays, but damn - in 11 tournaments this year, Ko has made 10 cuts and had seven top-10 finishes which is pretty consistent if you ask me. 

Danny Lee also went alright finishing fourth at the Quicken Loans National in Virgina ... and he's got cool friends! So proud of you Danny, tehe.

But we love Lydia...

Remember when silly kiwis kicked up a fuss about Lydia signing with IMG? Yeah, silly.