Midweek Bulletin - #GoKo & Keeping It Real About Hayne

How about that from the homie Lydia Ko, straight as an arrow. But I think it's time...

I think it's time to keep it real, like 'yeah your bum looks obese in those jeans' type of real. 

I am loving Jarryd Hayne and his journey, as well as how it is captivating Aussies and kiwis alike. But we all need to cool our jets a little because Hayne is an anomaly. 

It has become the new headline with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's name being thrown up by his skipper Jake Friend as well as Jason Taumalolo voicing a cheeky interest in possible trying this NFL thing out. Don't get me wrong, the NRL has athletes who could easily transition their skills and gifts into the NFL which is possibly the best bit about Hayne's performances as he has shown Americans that the NFL isn't the be all and end all; other athletes can do this as well.

But I see Hayne as an anomaly for a few reasons. The first is that Hayne has already enjoyed great success as an NRL player and has enjoyed great financial success as well - why do you think Hayne can take a gamble on the NFL? Why do you think that Hayne can turn his back on millions of NRL dollars for the possibility of earn far less in the NFL? Hayne has years of an above average NRL salary in his pocket as well as all of that endorsement cash that comes in when you've got two Dally M's in your games room at home. 

Secondly and more importantly, as Hayne said in the video above, in his heart he wanted to give the NFL a go around two years ago which came after following the NFL intently for much of his life. I don't think it is a coincidence that Hayne has been able to transition rather quickly to the NFL, despite the NFL having an excessive amount of minor but important details to learn.

I'd suggest that Hayne already had a basic understanding of the language of the NFL and the various standard routes and plays that a running back would be involved in. That comes with Hayne knowing what position his attributes translate best to and you would have to assume that Hayne has always been eyeing up a running back spot and a kick returning position.

Let's be fair here, an NRL fullback and an NFL running back/kick returner are the most similar positions. Trying to be a lineman or a safety would require a far greater understanding of the playbook.

Instead of Hayne one day waking up and deciding to head to the NFL, Hayne clearly put a lot of time and effort into learning more and more about the NFL even before he fully decided to make the move. Then, once his mind was made up, came all the work that we as the public haven't seen as we just see Hayne stepping defenders and showing his wheels that we have all seen before. I'm of the opinion that people are severely underestimating the work Hayne has put in to get to this point and while Hayne's move might open a few doors for other to follow, I reckon that more of them would fail than succeed.

An interesting sidenote to this however is that with Hayne opening the door to the NFL, many NFL clubs will now be looking at our part of the world to provide talent, talent that is a bit different and not found in the NFL already. If I were an NFL scouting guy, I wouldn't be looking at the NRL or Super Rugby, I would be looking at younger players or developing players who can then go through the necessary learning process and still only be 22-25 years old.

Which is exciting, but also a little scary as well. Where ever you are in Aotearoa, you know a kid or a mate or some guy who is a beast, we have these sorts of athletes in abundance and as a smart NFL scouting guy, I'd be setting up shop down here.

While we're all getting caught up in matters regarding Hayne such as the above, I think it's important that we all take a little lesson from Hayne. I can't go to the NFL, I'm a shit athlete compared to Hayne but I'm watching a bloke take a chance and follow his dreams which I can then apply to my day to day life. As you should and even if you hate the NFL or sport, you can apply Hayne's journey to your own situation and I'm sure it will have a positive influence.

Lydia Ko just continues to boggle my open minded-mind. This girl has the world at her feet - not just the golfing or sporting world, the whole fucking world. Ko won her 3rd Canadian Pacific Women's Open which is her 8th LPGA Tour victory by hitting par on a sudden death playoff hole, while her opponent Stacy Lewis hit her approach to the green into the crowd #clutch.

I think it's time for some Lydia Ko appreciation...

Thank you for being there at every moment 👊🏻 #Security

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Thank you Jo and Brent for coming out to watch me ❤️❤️❤️

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Great to take a pic with @gaberoux ✌

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Shout out to Dion Prewster who has been snapped up by the Sydney Kings in the ANBL after impressing in Aotearoa's NBL and with the Tall Blacks. The more kiwis we can get playing for Australian clubs, not just the Breakers can only be a positive, so chur to you sir.

And chur to Greg Rutherford who is a British long-jumper. Rutherford just added the World Championship belt to his impressive collection which includes being the Olympic Champ, Commonwealth Games Champ and European Champ. Chur chur chur.

Here's some more funk from the IAAF World Champs...