Monday Crumbs - #GoKo x Kia Kaha Aotearoa's Finest

Where do we begin with young Lydia Ko. Young being the key word there, not only because her victory at the Evian Championship etched her name in history as the youngest female golfer to win a major and the second youngest person ever to win a major, but also because it's a joy to see a youngster who is so well rounded.

Victory came as Ko recorded rounds of -2, -2, -4 and -8.  She finished off her final round with five birdies on the back-nine, some would call that clutch.

Ko is exceptionally good at golf and with her epic win in France, I find myself struggling because there's only so many ways to describe her golfing ability. She's really fucking good and as an 18 year old with so much in front of her, wins like her first major victory are nothing more than small goals that she will tick off with disgusting consistency.

Sure, Ko won her first major and made history but that is all stuff for us to get giddy about. I have the feeling that Ko is obviously chuffed, but she'd be eyeing up her next challenge. 

This is where Ko's age becomes a factor as well as her kiwi-ness; is there a limit to how proud one can be? Like, every kiwi wants the best for Ko because she is such a delightful young athlete.


Young athletes are generally prickly characters. In my time following sport intently, there's been many young athletes with copious amounts of talent who are simply dicks or they become that 'what if' story. Whether it's their attitude or that they are prima-donnas who have enjoyed far too much success without actually having to face adversity, I've seen so many promising youngsters come and go.

But here's Ko, one of ours; she's one of us and she has the world loving her. The world loves Ko because her golfing ability is matched by her personality, fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

Just look at Australia. They have a really good young tennis player who is perhaps the biggest knob in tennis, that reflects on Australia as a country. Right now, our All Blacks are the best rugby team in the world and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can honestly say a bad word about the All Blacks.

Valerie and Steve Adams? Well besides the jokers who try to fight Stevie in the NBA, neither gives anyone a reason to dislike them or think badly of Aotearoa.

Ko fits that bill, she's amazing.

So amazing that Ko could find herself leading the way for women's golf as they venture towards parity with the men's game. Ko is the sort of phenom who can draw in not only people to play the sport but also draw in big bucks in terms of sponsorships and what not, not for her but for women's golf, similar to what Tiger Woods did.

Ko could put golf in a similar situation to tennis where both males and females enjoy similar loving from fans and media. Yup, our little Lydia could change golf. Well, she probably already has. 

That new big-money signing for Manchester United don't he...

But who ya got between Martial's goal and Benteke's effort?

Stay tuned for all that football goodness from the Wildcard. He'll wrap up the kiwis playing around the globe as well as dropping a few ponderings from the weekend's Premier League action.

The National Hockey League is rolling through some games as I write this and probably will be while your reading, so no point in getting too specific. The teams have an off-day tomorrow so we'll touch base with how the tourny is shaping up on Wednesday morning, but until then just enjoy so goals from the men's side of the draw...

Men's Goal Highlights - Ford NHL Round 4

Check out some of the men's goals from Round 4 of the Ford National Hockey League!

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Ricardo Christie couldn't get past the second round of the Hurley Pro at Trestles as he went down to Aussie Matt Wilkinson. Christie came pretty damn close though scoring 14.83 which wasn't quite enough with Wilkinson posting 15.60. 

I won't pretend like I was all up in Floyd Mayweather's last fight, but the Wildcard did and he put fingers to keyboard on the topic, so peep his offering here. 

Manny had his say on the fight though....

What I do when I'm bored. Hehe

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I can provide you with a bit of a giggle though as golfer Wade Ormsby hit a hole in one which earned him beer for a year, chur!

More US Open on Wednesday, but here's a little something for your beautiful souls.