Friday Frills - 10 Questions

King Jeetz!

King Jeetz!

1) Who is Tyson Fury? Apparently he's one of those English gypsies?

2) Have you forgotten about the ITM Cup? Duh, of course you have and that's okay because last night there was yet another epic Ranfurly Shield clash between Hawkes Bay and Auckland. The Bay defended the great Log against the might of the jaffas and good on them as we all got a reminder of just how special the Shield is still to this day. It actually got me thinking about how cool it was to have a game which obviously took on a different meaning with Hawkes Bay defending their shield, like that on a Wednesday night. You can't do much better than Wednesday night Ranfurly Shield action.

3) What do you make of this prescription drug issue in the NRL? On Wednesday I championed the use of marijuana for men who get smashed for a living and I stand by that, but the NRL obviously don't and their plan is to get players to raise any red flags. Now I'm sure players have the best interests of fellow players at heart, but relying on players ... who don't use pain-killers properly to essentially dob other players in is a bit dumb. Actually, relying on players to do much more than try be good people and put on a good show is a bit dumb - but how does the NRL then stop the widespread over-use of pills? 

Personally, I'm not overly concerned and will counter my use of 'widespread' in the above paragraph. I definitely reckon there are many players that are a bit silly and rely on pills to get them through a season ... and then get addicted but I'd say that there's less than five players in the remaining four teams who would be close to that point. Not like 'I know of five players' just an estimation.

4) When will Brendan Rodgers get sacked? Soon, surely! Which is great. I started off liking Rodgers, which was helped by that Liverpool documentary/pre-season show that aired a few years ago and I brought into what Rodgers was preaching. But now Rodgers just creeps me out and unfortunately for him I can't see him seeing out the season at Anfield.

5) Is Rugby World Cup time/any rugby-dominated time one of the few times that kiwis get cocky? Which is odd, given our history at World Cups but we're generally the underdog in most sporting events/competitions that we play in except the All Blacks and especially when they are facing Namibia.

Side question - Is anyone else over how commercial the All Blacks are? This is obviously intensified because of the World Cup but damn, I got over that Beats x Richie McCaw collabo pretty quickly and that was a cool ad. Guess how I feel about all these lame as fucking ads in which the NZRU just whores out a few All Blacks to endorse a product or two.

Side question dos - How fast is Beauden Barrett?

6) How patient will we have to be with Japan's Super Rugby franchise? It looks like the JRFU will meet all the standards and checkpoints that Sanzar have lined up for them to actually get a Super Rugby team, so this question isn't about patience right now. I'm talking about patience when the competition is underway and Japan's team isn't quite at Super Rugby level - which I predict will happen. Many kiwis will question the point of Japan's involvement, but we simply need a Japanese team in the competition (and an Argentinian team) to raise the profile of Super Rugby and offer greater competition to the NRL. This is where patience is important for both Japan and Argentina's teams, we've got to allow them time to get up to speed which will take a few seasons with all things being equal. Or Japan's team could just smash everyone which would be awesome.

7) Is Jeetan Patel our best cricketing export right now? Possibly, probably ... well he just took 50 wickets in County Cricket with Warwickshire for the fourth season in a row, so yeah. Patel's most recent performance against Somerset should throw poo in all the people who hated on him a few years back when he struggled to face Dale Steyn. 

Here's a 5-wicket-haul from Jeetz earlier this month...

And here's Jeetz throwing the ball at Lou Vincent's head for match-fixi... I won't even go there.

8) Up to Paul Gallen? Paul Gallen is going to fight Bodene Thompson sometime soon at some silly boxing event and has said that he wants to fight Sonny Bill Williams next year. When not on the footy field, everything Gallen does makes me giggle because he's trying so hard to not just be a rugby league player - he wants it all. I don't think the fight against SBW will actually happen though and I'll stick my head on the block and say that it won't. SBW obviously has an Olympic gold medal to snatch in the Sevens and I'm struggling to see how this fight will actually be entertaining given that SBW is much taller than Gallen.

9) Who ya got in the NRL Finals Doc? I can't tell you how torn I am in the Storm vs Cowboys game - I really want Jonathan Thurston to get a ring before his career is over but I also love the Melbourne Storm this season. The Storm are a really good NRL team with a strong kiwi connection so I'm all in on them and there's a slight underdog nature to them, so regardless of who wins and losses I'll be chuffed ... and sad.

In Brisbane tonight though I'll be riding the Broncos to get up over the Roosters, with Anthony Milford to put on a absolute treat of a show. 

10) Why are you posting on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram how fit you are and how much you lift and how much of a bodybuilder you are? This guy below is 105 years old so holla back when you are 105 and are able to run. Sure, he's a bit slower than Beaudy...