Midweek Bulletin - 10 Things I Think...

Here's 10 thingy-ma-jigs that I think from the sporting world...

  1. I think Aotearoa's obsession with rugby is unhealthy. We're the only country in the world who currently puts such an intense spotlight on their rugby team, the All Blacks and when you venture outside the box to Australia and England media outlets for example, you have to put some effort into finding a rugby yarn. This isn't anything new, but I think we're just setting ourselves up for the weird crossroads at some stage during the World Cup - 'you guys don't like rugby as much as us!? What's wrong with you?'
  2. I think the Footy Show in Australia should just give up. The Footy Show has fallen way, way, way behind their competition and the only thing saving the show was Beau Ryan's presence as the funny man and even that started to get a bit dumb. Now there's news that Ryan has apparently had an affair and has stood down from his Footy Show duties so I'm not sure where the Footy Show should go from here.
  3. I think that you can still be a professional athlete and suffer from epilepsy. I think, because I don't know but I hope you can as this comes thanks to AFL star Lance 'Buddy' Franklin reportedly suffering his second epileptic seizure the other morning. This news came as a double blow with Franklin's AFL club the Sydney Swans also outlining that Franklin has and is battling mental health issues. Here's hoping there's a positive outcome here because from what I know about the AFL, Franklin is the mantis.
  4. I think we all need to chill a little (only a little) on the All Whites. We still need to be highly critical of their performance and all of that, but are we going to judge the All Whites and coach Anthony Hudson on a result against Myanmar or in other friendlies over the past few years? I'm judging this team on whether they qualify for the World Cup or not so until then I won't be too mad. 
  5. I think Danny Lee might be legit. Lee was selected for golf's President's Cup where he'll be representing the International team against the Yanks. This comes after Lee has enjoyed a strong FedEx Cup campaign where he currently sits 14th and has had seven top-10 finishes.
  6. I think that the Americans get too much love in the golf world. They feature in the President's Cup and the Ryder Cup against an International team and a Europe team; why can't Europe face the Internationals or something? Let's spice it up yo.
  7. I think a lot of NFL players are feeling slightly insecure about Jarryd Hayne. There's going to be a lot of stories that have an NFL player warning Hayne about this or that and there already have been. But that's because all these NFL players are watching some Aussie come in and play their game pretty well, which would make anyone a wee bit insecure.
  8. I think we'll never see anything like the Williams sisters again or more specifically, siblings playing against each other in quaterfinals of a Slam. Sure Serena's the best in the world and Venus isn't, but it's still pretty awesome. 
  9. I think Serena and Roger Federer will take the bickies from the US Open. Serena sure, but Roger? Straight up bias here but I honestly think that Roger has a few more big wins in him before he hangs his racket up and with Rafael Nadal not looking at his best, there's no better time than now. Just gotta get past that Novak fella.
  10. I think Wayne Rooney's legacy is sealed and when it's all said and done, Rooney will go down as England's greatest. Yikes that's a big call there Doc - well given that he now holds England's goal-scoring record and that his twilight years could coincide with a strong England team as younger players gain experience and I'm happy to go out on this limb. For Rooney to truly be the greatest he does need to win a big tournament, which is why those young guys are so crucial but with Rooney committing to England duties I just have a good feeling. 
  11. Bonus!!! I think England are like the NZ Warriors though.