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1) I think it's great that there's some quality ODI cricket on the telly. While it was fun to watch the BLACKCAPS and Sri Lanka go at it, there was just something missing and I'm not quite sure what it was as Sri Lanka eventually offered some fight. Last night's ODI between Australia and India was played at a greater intensity with both teams showcasing their finely tuned limited overs ability.

The WACA pitch was flat which meant the runs flowed with Rohit Sharma smacking 171* off 163 balls alongside Virat Kohli's 91 and we were then treated to class via centuries from Steve Smith and George Baily. Australia won, chasing India's 309 to win, however it was India's left-arm bowler Barinder Sran who caught the eye. 

Sran took 3/56 off 9.2 overs and any time India roll out a tall swing bowler is reason for excitement, especially when he's only 23 years old.

2) I think my excitment for the upcoming Pakistan series is brewing nicely, even if we've gotta sit through some T20s to get to the real stuff. I'll tell you all you need to know about the Pakistanis soon and I'll tease that by saying that Pakistan owns far more talent in both their limited overs squads than Sri Lanka.

Fair amount of swag and class as well...

3) I think you should read my comrade El Wildcard's thing about Anthony Hudson's comments.

Oh and the Wildcard's got all you need to know about the homie Steven Adams in his weekly look at Americana

4) I think Kendrick Lamar is on a mission. Lamar has recently dropped two videos that each follow a different theme, under the umbrella of spreading the wisdom and let's keep it real here as I don't see many other artists (hip hop or non hip hop) dropping stuff like this on a regular basis. Here's the first video from a few weeks ago...

And here's yesterday's drop...

5) I think the Warriors are Aotearoa's top dawg in terms of using social media/the internet. It's always funny how generally shit our kiwi sporting (and Australia's) teams are at best using the wonderful new technologies with a surprising amount of teams barely using social media, let alone uploading training videos like this.

Two thoughts on this video: Youtube is so much better at hosting these videos than those website video player things, or Vimeo and you've gotta laugh at how news outlets use this video for news purposes. 

6) I think the ASB Classic could be on to something here. Personally, I'm not much of a tennis buff thanks mainly due to following a large amount of sports intently which doesn't leave much room for other sports ... so if you love tennis or any other sport and wanna write about it, hit us up.

Tennis is fun though and most players whether male or female enjoy their time in Auckland, hence a lot of players show up time and time again. Conveniently I found this article from Australia which outlines the Sydney Internationals struggles to attract players and fans. Now as it comes from an Australian perspective the competing events mentioned don't include our lovely two tournaments in Auckland, but you'd have to imagine that a tournament in downtown Auckland with non-scorching conditions and good vibes all round is pretty damn attractive.

7) I think Robert Griffin III is in a spot of bother. This has long been the case for Griffin who enjoyed a crazy rookie year only to now be nothing more than a back up QB for Washington in the NFL. Read this yarn and/or take some inspiration from the only thing Griffin left in his locker as his career with Washington came to an end...

8) I think this tweet makes me so jolly. May kiwi cricketers continue to expand their horizons, learn their craft and become better cricketers via England.

In fact, this is interesting given Anthony Hudson's comments about kiwi footballers. I think Hudson's comments can be applied to cricket to an extent as our cricketing culture is far more 'lax than England's with the shear number of fixtures a huge challenge for our kiwis. What is encouraging though is the number of young kiwis who are eager to head to England, especially those who are new to the BLACKCAPS or are on the fringes of the team.

9) I think I'm taking Dan Carter here...

10) I think I have no idea about Jarryd Hayne's future. I have always been on the wagon of Hayne displaying patience, determination and perseverance in his pursuit of an NFL career and I'm more than happy to dismiss any stories out of Australia about a possible NRL return, Aussies are quite insecure about their sports stars.

However, the noise about Hayne and the Roosters never really slows down and I have seen many sports starts like Hayne deny these sorts of reports only for them to be true. I would hate to see Hayne return home to the NRL within the next two years and I'm hoping that Hayne continues to grind his way through practice squads and what not to establish himself in the NFL.