Monday Crumbs - Match-Fixing/Doping #Meh

Sara McGlashan, playing with passion, sixes she's smashing, parties she's crashing

Sara McGlashan, playing with passion, sixes she's smashing, parties she's crashing


I'm a bit conflicted about picking the latest major sporting news drama as 'poppin' however it's safe to say that this match-fixing tennis news that just broke has the sports world poppin.

Tennis is a worldwide sport, with a wide variety of countries represented by the world's best tennis players which is why this is such big news.

Is it big news? Well yeah sure, it is poppin after all. 

Whenever stories like this break, chaos follows, yet nothing really happens until people/athletes are accused or names are mentioned and if worst comes to worst (my peoples come first) charges laid down. So while this match-fixing/spot-fixing news has caused a bit of a stir, I/we have seen what feels like a new yarn like this at least twice a year over the past five-seven years. 

Whether it's match-fixing or doping, these stories are becoming worryingly familiar which obviously sucks. In saying that, I've seen so many of these stories recently that until there's some concrete names, evidence and shit starts to actually hit the fan, I won't really care. 

I've got bigger fish to fry, like Michael Jennings signing with the Parramatta Eels, immediately after Dale Copley joined the Roosters. 

I've got bigger fish to fry like how well our female cricketers are doing in the Women's Big Bash. How about these for some figures/scores...

Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne Renegades | Jan 16 | Suzie Bates: 0/27 off 4 overs, 42 off 26.

Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Stars | Jan 17 | Morna Nielsen: 3/26 off 4 overs, 5 off 3.

Sydney Sixers vs Hobart Hurricanes | Jan 17 | Amy Satterthwaite: 35 off 29. Sara McGlashan: 79 off 58.

McGlashan sits 7th on the top run-scorers list with 346 runs from 14 games, an average of 31.45 and a strike-rate of 126.73. Nielsen is ranked as the 3rd highest wicket-taker with 18, at an average of 11 and an economy rate of 5.21 which is the best economy rate of any bowler with more than 17 wickets. 

Semi-finals in the Women's Big Bash are scheduled for Thursday and Friday with the final on Sunday with a fair crop of kiwi ladies chasing some silverware. Thursday night has the Thunder vs Scorchers, which will feature Suzie Bates while Friday's semi between Hobart and the Sixers will see Satterthwaite up against McGlashan.

Glenn Phillips got things poppin for the New Zealand Under 19 cricket team as they gear up for the Under 19 World Cup. The kiwis played Australia in their cheeky tri-nations tournament before the World Cup and we'll be following their progress closely. Phillips whacked 105 off 84 balls, including 13 fours and 6 sixes, in tandem with 56 from his fellow opener Daniel Stanley. There wasn't much else though and Australia won quite easily.

Big shoutout to England's Test cricket team who wrapped up their series against South Africa, in South Africa with a win in the 3rd Test. Stay tuned for my views on this, until then, imagine what it's like to be in the changing room after a big Test win...

Steven Adams was voted 2nd dirtiest player in the NBA and that is obviously poppin'! How could it not be? That means that Adams is rugged, he's raw, he's ruthless and he simply doesn't give a fuck. I think we should count ourselves lucky that our guy in the NBA represents Aotearoa in such a way, chur.

There were however a few flaws in this 'dirtiest player' thingy...

Seriously, we've got Kiwi Steve who juggles being a 'dirty' player and the ultimate GC...

This was also poppin...

Or this...


Losses for the Breakers and Wellington Phoenix, sloppy times for two of our favourite sports teams. Stay tuned for write ups about both.

Eden Park is and always will be as sloppy as a you trying to field in a backyard cricket game after a few too many. Friday night saw the usual complaints come out of the woodwork, while last night's T20 in Hamilton saw a beautiful Seddon Park packed to the brim on the grass embankment.

Let's get this clear: Everything about Eden Park is yucky and as an Aucklander it's embarrassing ... what else would we expect when greedy/silly Aucklanders run things like this though.

I guess it's poppin for Chris Cairns at the moment, with Lalit Modi dropping his legal action against Cairns. Personally, I don't want to hear of/from or see Cairns for at least two years, he's got this very sloppy aura that gives me the creeps.

Mark de Mori from Perth, Australia was sloppy in his fight against David Haye...

Tyson Fury aka Mr Sloppy #1

Tyson Fury aka Mr Sloppy #2 ... wait, Fury's like the ultimate troll, now that's poppin.


Tune of the day...

Bits and bobs...