Monday Crumbs - Joseph Parker And Joseph Tapine


And so it ends. Since the start of 2014, Joseph Parker has fought 10 fights, five in 2015 and one in the first month of 2016, no wonder the whispers of annoyance about Parker fighting nobodies started to grow louder. 

In truth, Duco and Kevin Barry must be applauded to some degree for executed this plan with Parker. My belief is that this plan centred around the idea of getting Parker's name and record into the right circles, while also improving Parker's ability as a boxer with as many fights as possible; Parker has pretty much fought every two months in the last year.

Every two months, that's not human. It's not healthy, nor would it be a wise idea if Parker was receiving punishment. Parker never really felt any sort of punishment because all the fighters he fought against were pawns, they were an means to and end and this is where we must celebrate Parker's path ... which has been drawn up by Duco and Barry.

I've voiced concerns and criticism, mainly at the fact that they expect us to pay $40 to watch Parker fight these pawns, especially when we often get UFC and boxing for free on Sky Sports. That's all a bit dumb, however it does serve a purpose as all parties involved need to have some cash in the bank before they go head-first into the creepy world of professional boxing.
Parker is now 18-0, everyone has enjoyed the fruits of their labour (ca$h) and the boxing world knows that Joseph Parker is one of the most dangerous up and coming boxers. 

Complain all you/we want, but that's job done from Parker and his team.

No one should be shocked or surprised when Duco or Barry say that Parker could fight for a title in the next 12 months - that's what the past two years have been working towards.  That's the whole point of enduring through watching Parker beat up guys who were clearly not on his level, the foundations needed to be laid.

And so it ends.

And so business time begins. I'd say that Parker gets a title fight in the next 24 months as he's got to fight a contender first and he's got to get the hell out of Aotearoa/Samoa and go fight blokes in their backyards. 

My only concern is that many guys might not want to fight Parker, which is where the money earned over the past two years comes in handy. A nice little sum of dosh to fight Parker puts an end to the fear of facing a beast with lightning fast hands.

Dele Alli ladies and gentlemen, Dele Alli

Both Sydney Thunder teams won their respective Big Bash competitions, which was unfortunate for the only kiwi competing in either final Sara McGlashan. Henry Nicholls certainly helped the men's Thunder team get to the final, however he slid back into BLACKCAPS gear for today's ODI leaving McGlashan and her Sydney Sixers to hold the fort.

McGlashan went alright, hitting 20 off 21 balls as the Sixers set the Thunder 116 to win, which they did. Bummer for McGlashan, at least she scored a few runs and hey, at least there was a strong kiwi contingent in the first WBBL.

Monday night Wellington Phoenix! Our beloved but struggling Nix are in action tonight against Melbourne City, in Melbourne so expect kick-off around 9:30. City are 4th on 25 points and the Nix are 8th on 16 points and with Manny Muscat and Louis Fention returning to the squad, hopefully the Nix can at least fight their way to an away draw.

I've never wanted just a draw so bad, anything but another loss.

Let's play spot the kiwis!


Joseph Tapine is one of the most promising young kiwi NRL players, he's a huge lad who roams around on the edge for Newcastle Knights and has shown himself to be an athletic forward who loves an offload, like a certain Sonny Bill Williams.

Unfortunately for Tapine, the great signs he's shown through the baby stages of his NRL career have made him a sought after target. That's great and with the Canberra Raiders zoning in on Tapine, our kiwi lad has been caught up dramas with Knights coach Nathan Brown saying that Tapine would be confined to reserve grade for the season if he was to sign with the Raiders.

Obviously that's not fair - players sign with other clubs early in the year all the time. We love our kiwi NRL players so hopefully all goes well for Tapine and we'll keep you in the loop.

Ah the Wellington Sevens, how you make me giggle. The Sevens are struggling because they tried to fight the 'party' vibe that made the Sevens what it was. The NRL Nines have embraced the party vibe and they will enjoy the benefits, it's not rocket science.

The NZ Breakers are in a hole, here's what the Wildcard reckons.

How about the Japan Sunwolves and their minimal approach to a Super Rugby pre-season? Obviously very sloppy and it's hard to see them being very competitive, I'm all in though and they will be my 2nd favourite team behind the Auckland Blues