Midweek Bulletin - A Quick Note About The Wellington Sevens

Ardie Savea, where? There, in the All Blacks Sevens gear.

Ardie Savea, where? There, in the All Blacks Sevens gear.


We need to differentiate between the on-field Sevens rugby and the shell of its former self that is the Wellington Sevens. I have enjoyed poking fun at the way the Wellington Sevens has changed, implementing unnecessary changes to turn it into something it was never close to being, tinkering until they had ruined the major selling point.

This toes the line of our fascination with crowd numbers. Any kiwi sporting discussion has to include some thoughts/opinions on the crowd, whether it  was a great crowd or why there were so little people there and while few other World Rugby Sevens events will sell out and provide the atmosphere that Wellington used to, this years Wellington Sevens will probably serve up the same sort of crowd/atmosphere you'll see on the Gold Coast in a few weeks.

I mean if the Wellington Sevens serves up a similar crowd to the majority of the other events then is there any real issue here? Maybe not.

Any way, I want to talk about my excitement regarding the All Blacks Sevens and the rest of the Sevens world now that Rugby Sevens is an Olympic sport. Usually my interest is peaked by the Sevens because of the talent that is unearthed, it became an annual ceremony of Aotearoa's rugby production line as each year, like clockwork, there'd be a new young beast/swift-footed ninja to celebrate.

This year however is different as the All Blacks Sevens team is stacked to the brim with talent.

Watching Sonny Bill Williams adapt will be intriguing enough and personally I've got it down as being a historical event; SBW is one of the greatest modern kiwi athletes and we get front-row seats to watch him adapt to a new challenge, which is part of his greatness.

The Ioane brothers are superstars in the making, Ardie Savea is the most entertaining forward in kiwi rugby, Joe Webber is that cheeky little Waikato bugger who has been a staple of domestic rugby for a number of seasons, Kurt Baker is about as solid as they come and Augustine Pulu is from where I'm from, so watching him try something new is almost as fun as watching SBW adapt.

I recognise names like Gillies Kaka and Tim Mikkelson who are the legit Sevens lads, plus Ben Lam has juggled Sevens and 15s exceptionally well. The only blokes I don't quite know too much about are Regan Ware and Sam Dickson, which means that all my 'viewing pleasure' boxes are ticked.

When all my 'viewing pleasure' boxes are ticked, I'm happy and I couldn't care less about what the crowd's like when my 'viewing pleasure' boxes are ticked.

Joseph Parker is getting a bit of noise around the world, it's just very confusing noise. These yarns below tell us how Dean Lonergan has tried to tee up a fight against Anthony Joshua, only to be turned away on the sly. Even Joshua's camp don't quite think that Parker has earned a fight against Joshua, which is fair enough as Parker's going low and slow in his approach, however I reckon Parker will face Joshua in his first real challenge. 

I'm not sure when this will happen - maybe later this year would be nice and if Parker can smoke Joshua then we can get serious about Parker's title hopes. That fight would be just as important for Joshua as it is for Parker, hence it's gotta happen.

The Tall Blacks have been handed a bit of a toughie as they try to qualify for the Olmypics after they were drawn in the same pool as France and the same Qualifying Tournament as Turkey, meaning they'll have to go through France and Turkey to win that Qualifying Tourny and book a ticket to Rio. 

In truth, any Pool/Qualifying Tourny would have been tricky for the Tall Blacks however it's a bit easier for the Tall Ferns as they only have to make the quarter-finals of their Qualifying Tourny. The ladies' are in action and the men in July, so plenty of time to wish upon a star.


Yesterday was Australia Day and boy don't Aussies love Australia Day ... wait, that's the whole point isn't it? Australia celebrate Australia Day like it's a true-blue national holiday, which it is and every year around this time, I get a bit down about our own national pride. I guess our national holiday is Waitangi Day right? 

Compare Waitangi Day and Australia Day; one involves protests and politicians being slimey politicians while the other oozes national pride. 

Unfortunately our favourite Hockey India League team the Delhi Waveriders suffered defeat last night, going down 2-1 to the Ranchi Rays. Kiwi Devon Manchester was apparently good in goal which is nice.

Blake Griffin, what's doing bruh? Griffin broke his hand in a fight with an equipment manager for the LA Clippers #Weird.

Shout out to Darren Lehmann who got a sloppy dose of DVT and has been ruled out of Australia's tour to Aotearoa.