Friday Frills - OMG Steven

How about this damn no-looker from Steven Adams!?!!??!?! 

Swag was oozing out of Adams' pores on that play, even how he ran away after the pass like a giddy little kid is amazing. It capped off a nice night for the OKC Thunder and Adams, who looked as though they were having a laugh.

Justice? Not quite as Roy O'Donovan still pranced around on the field against our Wellington Phoenix after headbutting Manny Muscat. An eight week ban for the Central Coast Mariners' striker does offer some sort of justice in that the A-League did their job perfectly, something that hasn't always been the case. 

Apparently though O'Donovan's suspension was so over the top that it brought out one of the best spelling/grammar mistakes in press release history. We're all guilty to the odd typo or silly little mistake and you've probably seen a few on our pages, so I won't rip on Mr Mariners Boss guy, we can however laugh as the Mariners boss, Shaun Mielekamp said that this decision shows the 'floors in the system'. 

Shout out to that guy and let's not forget that the Mariners are a club in trouble, players are at odd with the coach and there have been issues with the owners for a while now, so 'floors in the system' is understandable.

Just as I didn't want the headbutt to overshadow a very average display from the Phoenix, the headbutt ban has come at the same time as the Phoenix battle to merely get a team on the park for Sunday's game against Brisbane. According to Phoenix afficianado Jason Pine, the Nix will be missing at least five starters, with Ben Sigmund out thanks to a hamstring issue. 

That means we will see the depth of the Nix severely tested which is a low key #SaveTheNix curveball as the strength of their academies and development pathways will be on display. Of the group below, I only recognise Logan Rogerson's name as he's a very young attacking prospect while the Wildcard informed me that Joel Stevens has played for the All Whites under Anthony Hudson's youthful regime.

All of this sets up a very intriguing clash on Sunday as this injury/suspension crisis has come with the Nix desperately needing a win to not only send positive #SaveTheNix vibes across the lands but also as they try stay in finals contention. Adelaide and Newcastle are hot on their heels and the Nix are five points behind Melbourne Victory who sit one spot above them on the ladder so those wins better start coming, even if the youngsters gotta do the job.

Oh Chris Gayle, how this has escalated. With the cricketer lodging a defamation case against an Aussie media outlet and fair enough if he believes that the noise surrounding him and his name, which is his brand that he makes lots of money off has been falsely tarnished. This largely stems from the apparent incident at the World Cup where Gayle busted out another golden one-liner 'are you looking for this?' before showing his willy to a female reporter. 

Golden one-liner and a bit weird.

Seriously, 'are you looking for this?' and 'don't blush baby' could make a good movie some time.

Gayle will go all out to clear his name as he's got lots of money and as he's likely to be 'banned' from any further Big Bash tournaments, he can burn bridges all over the show. As with most legal matters like this, I'm struggling to see how Gayle can prove the defamation or how the defence can prove the opposite.

This will be the last I say on Gayle's legal action, as soon as it hits the courts I get very bored, very quickly. I've said all along that we should trust the female reporters and how they feel, so with Mel McLaughlin wanting to move on, let's move on and let Mr Gayle enjoy the court system.

I stumbled across these comments from Wayne Bennett, which came after the last NRL season with Broncos centre and skipper Justin Hodges retiring...

"Dale Copley is Justin Hodges' replacement. I've made my mind up, Dale will be in Justin's position next year. His time has come, there is no more waiting for Dale.

"Dale needed to know he had a career at this club and a future here. I have told him he will be replacing 'Hodgo' and that's reassuring for him. Now that he knows it's his position, he will have the opportunity, it's up to him to make sure he keeps the position until he wants to retire."

James Roberts has been signed and Dale Copley is being pushed out of the Broncos, professional sport you weird and wonderful beast.

Hi-5's to Mohammad Amir who had his visa application approved for Pakistan's tour to Aotearoa. I don't care about the fluff, I simply just want to see one of the best young bowlers to ever grace my eyes back in action.

Can't forget about Hashim Amla who has retired as skipper of South Africa's Test team. Amla is a great batsmen and will do down in history, which makes the fact that this is the third time he's stepped down as skipper (once in domestic cricket, then as ODI skipper) rather crazy. Captaincy isn't for everyone and it just shows how hard it is to not only be the skipper but also to focus on your core job as a batsman or a bowler, Amla struggled for runs as captain and will now pass the baton on to AB de Great.

My pick of today's music videos is this interesting little number from Lou The Human...

Finally, watch this interview with North Queensland Cowboys half Michael Morgan. The dude is very interesting and he also outlines the toughest period of his life when he lost his good mate and Auckland-born Cowboys' team mate Alex Elisala.