Hard & Fast: Lydia Ko, Princess Ko

How about Lydia Ko? 

The young kiwi phenom won the New Zealand Women's Open, as she should, as the world No.1 and she then went on to show off the qualities that we've come to love about Lydia.

After the event, Ko broke down as you've probably heard and declared that she and her team would donate the prize money to New Zealand in some capacity. Ko didn't define how the money would be used and she didn't need to, merely saying that she would donate the money to 'New Zealand' in general had me smiling from ear to ear. 

First and foremost, Lydia is well aware of the team effort that goes into her winning golf tournaments. This was evident as Lydia thanked NZ Golf for their support to Lydia and you get the feeling that anyone who is involved with Lydia helps form the Lydia Ko package. 

Lydia Ko is the face, she's the hard working, gifted and down to earth athlete. 

Lydia Ko is also the culmination of a lot of other people who are all aligned to get the best out of Lydia herself. 

This is a young lady who is well aware of the position she holds and the influence she can have.

Kendrick Lamar strikes me as an artist who is well aware of his responsibility to lead our generation, a position he earned through his music. Lydia is 18-years-old and has also reached this point.

I count Kendrick as a leader who I want to follow, I also count Lydia as a leader who I want to follow. 

Imagine how many young people, whether they are up and coming golfers or just the average kiwi kid, watch Ko conduct herself and then ponder who they should act themselves.

Ko isn't just a leader on the golf course, nor does she just do wonders for kiwi golf. To me, Ko is what I want young kiwi ladies to aspire to, less Kardashians, less materialism and more Ko. 

More donating prize money without a second thought. 

You'd have to be one hell of a Negative Ned not to like Lydia Ko.

Lydia's a gem and if you need convincing then sit back and enjoy the show...

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