Hard & Fast: Super Rugby Launches, Plus Sporting Competition Power Rankings

Clap, clap, dab. Clap, clap, dab.

Clap, clap, dab. Clap, clap, dab.

So the Super Rugby season has officially launched, with a bit of a gimmicky show and some horrible dabbing.

Note: I really encourage y'all to Google 'dab' and enjoy what comes your way.

Wait, it was just Valentines Day, there's still Test cricket being played, I'm still rocking jandals.

Yup, it's that time of year when Super Rugby pops up, trying to squeeze into the sporting market. 

This time around, everything is bigger and better. There's a Japanese team and a team from Argentina, now Super Rugby looks like a legitimate contender for the best professional rugby competition in the world, if it wasn't already.

The danger is that I'm more intrigued by the SunWolves and Jaguares than the Crusaders.

I'm all for expansion into uncharted territories, whether it's in rugby or rugby league or even cricket so I'm content with Super Rugby's expansion.

I'd rather watch NPC rugby though, that's just me.

The best word to describe my Super Rugby feelings is conflicted.

I like the dream, where Super Rugby is going.

I've made pledge to myself to follow the Auckland Blues with my Auckland Blues Diary.

I'm excited to see what the Australian teams serve up after their nice World Cup effort (that came after 4 years of mayhem, not 4 years of planning like the All Blacks).

I'm eager to see which kiwi lads step up into the void left by the departing OGs.

However, I know when the NRL starts and when the World T20 gets underway that Super Rugby will get swallowed.

And the truth is that Super Rugby might be the best pro rugby competition, yet it still lags behind European rugby and their cash. Otherwise all the biggest names in rugby would be here, enjoying Super Rugby instead of playing in Europe.

Oh and then you have this stupid desire for constant change. I can accept the expansion change and I like that, but to expect the casual fan to maintain interest while trying to figure out a new schedule and structure is silly.

Sure, local derbies are fun but Super Rugby is at it's best when we're putting the best kiwi team against the best Australian team. Typical kiwi rugby mentality on show here as it's always only about us kiwis isn't it.

I mean, why should we care about a competition that plays second fiddle to the needs of Kieran Read, or Sevens? Just a question.

I like Super Rugby, but it's far too low on my sporting power rankings to demand much attention besides my Auckland Blues Diary. 

For the record, here's my sporting power rankings for competitions right not. It's based on what I'm excited about right now/what's on my agenda...

1) Test cricket + World T20

2) NRL

3) NBL

4) A-League

5) Plunket Shield

6) Olympics (excitement is brewing)

7) Super Rugby

9) ASB Premiership

8) ANZ Championship