UFC 1-Outs: Diaz, McGregor And Rockhold vs Bisping Hype

With no UFC action over the weekend, there's a few other storylines that have taken the spotlight and that's only going to continue with the UFC Fight Night event going down this weekend lacking any major fighter.

Leading the way is Conor McGregor who features in the Floyd Mayweather fight hype and thanks to his and Nate Diaz's meetings with Dana White/UFC. McGregor vs Mayweather continues to be a hypebeast that sends global sports media into frequent spins as they report the latest in the 'he said this and he said that' saga. 

It's hard to say who wants what and who is really pushing this noise. Compare these two recent clips in which McGregor laughs at the possible purse...

And Mayweather basically stating that the fight will happen, without actually offering any concrete foundations from which this fight could sprout. 

I view this as nothing more than two promotional masters at work and as long as we are discussing it, we've been sucked in. With that being said, until something genuine happens here, I won't be following this storyline no more. 

Not when the McGregor vs Diaz rematch is in the works. McGregor met with White in Los Angeles last week before White and Lorenzo Fertitta then met with Diaz in his hometown Stockton. It was reported that neither meeting went too well, although that McGregor and White did meet is a positive as both parties appear to have put the retirement/UFC 200 drama behind them.

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The meetings didn't go too well in the context of nutting out a rematch, the likeliest bet is that they will have their rematch on the UFC 202 card. It's reasonably safe to say that both McGregor and Diaz's next fight will be against each other.

While getting involved in the hype for McGregor vs Mayweather is dumb and hype for McGregor vs Diaz is a wee way off yet, hype for UFC 199 is very real. Unfortunately for Chris Weidman, he's had to pull out of his rematch with Luke Rockhold for the middleweight title with Michael Bisping getting the late call up for a long awaited title shot.

Weidman fell victim to a neck injury that requires surgery, which means we'll have to wait to see a possible rematch. To be honest, I'm just eager to see Rockhold in action as he caught the eye against Weidman with his movement and striking and that we get treated to another Rockhold appearance, against Bisping, a British veteran who recently touched up Anderson Silva is a nice next-best option.

The stars have aligned nicely for Bisping as the two fighters ranked ahead of him are Jacare Souza and Vitor Belfort. Souza beat Belfort in Brazil but went into that fight with an injury, so he couldn't back up to fight Rockhold on short notice and Belfort doesn't really deserve the shot right now. Other possible candidates were Yoel Romero who is currently suspended, Uriah Hall who hasn't quite demanded a title shot and Gegard Mousasi who lost to Hall and hasn't kicked on. 

Bisping has been waiting for a title shot for almost a decade now and with the title window slightly open, he simply had to take this opportunity. Bisping has won four of his past five fights but that one loss came at the hands of Rockhold and you'd have to imagine that Bisping will go into next weekend's fight as a huge underdog.

Lastly, the future of Cris 'Cyborg' Justino in the UFC looks far from simple. Cyborg has come out and stated, rather emphatically that she wants to defend her Invicta featherweight title which is at 145lbs. Cyborg cut weight to 140lbs to fight in the UFC at an agreed catch-weight and if she wants to take a shot at the UFC's bantamweight title she would need to drop to 135lbs. 

I won't be holding my breath at the chances of Cyborg fighting for a UFC belt this year.