UFC 1-Outs: Brock Lesnar Tests Positive (The Aftermath

Sign me up to get hit by a juiced up Lesnar!

Sign me up to get hit by a juiced up Lesnar!

As Mark Hunt predicted ahead of UFC 200; Brock Lesnar is jacked like your local bodybuilding wannabe.

Of course, it's never simple though and a positive test from Lesnar before UFC 200 is part of an extremely complex time for Peformance Enhancing Drug use in the UFC. This isn't just a case of Lesnar - the biggest name in combat sports/acting - recording a positive test at the hands of USADA (USA drug police) before the biggest UFC card there's ever been. This is a product of the UFC's new attack on PED use in its sport ... new attack that seemed to conveniently ignore Lesnar.

When UFC head-hauncho Dana White announced the UFC's partnership with USADA, he said that things would get worse before they got better. It's a fairly simple equation when you think about it as more resources in PED testing and more testing in a competition that has a history (like pretty much every sport) in PED use, would initially mean more and more positive tests.

Think of it this way - more police would result in more criminals for a period of time.

Before UFC 200, Jon Jones apparently tested positive for a banned substance and now Lesnar. There's a bunch of fighters who have also tested positive in recent times and only last week I listened to Frank Mir (who Hunt beat before fighting Lesnar) explain his situation after testing positive in the past few months. Mir didn't strike me as a 'cheater' and to be honest, neither does Jones. Both cases seem to me as though they stem from a more comprehensive program, or a more comprehensive list of banned substances and a bit of negligence from the athlete and their team. 

They are 'cheaters' for failing a test sure, I guess. I view them more as being a bit silly for not staying 1-hunnit percent on top of what substances can and can't be used - products that can be purchased over the counter at your local supplement store (or supermarket) could have a trace of a banned substance, so you'd test positive. 

I'd label this current period in the UFC as the 'sussing out' period. Fighters are slowly getting the point that they need to be on top of everything that enters their body and that's a dramatic change from a culture that has grown out of the gym - we all know what goes down at the local gym. Fighters are getting the point and they can always ask Mike Dolce for some help.

That's just my opinion on Jones and Mir. Jones definitely didn't smell like a certified doper, just a bloke that could have made a horrible mistake. 

Point being that while mainstream media love to knock the UFC down with every positive test that comes through, we know that each positive test is probably for the greater good of the UFC.

Lesnar's situation is super weird. Hunt suggested that Lesnar was juicey-juiced and we kinda know that anyone coming from the WWE could be juiced (keep it a hunnit). Not only that, but the UFC found some grey area or 'exceptional circumstance' in their own agreement with USADA. They had agreed that any athlete returning from retirement had to give four months notice, so that they could be tested in that four month window ... unless there was 'exceptional circumstances' or if that rule would be vastly unfair on the athlete.

Rushing Lesnar on to the UFC 200 card after the UFC had scrapped Conor McGregor's fight with Nate Diaz (initially a UFC 200 fight) after McGregor failed to do a press conference or two, could be deemed as 'exceptional circumstance' couldn't it? Lesnar's presence at UFC 200 gave the event the fire-power it needed once the UFC had made the strange decision to rid themselves of McGregor vs Diaz II.

Also in those murky waters is the concept of 'retirement'. The UFC could argue that Lesnar wasn't actually in retirement, merely taking a break or something, anything but retirement.

There's funky smell here and where there's a funky smell, there's usually poo. 

Making this situation even weirder is that Lesnar was apparently tested eight times in the lead up to UFC 200. Lesnar had received three letters from USADA notifying him that he had passed tests in that period. So Lesnar was tested eight times, had been notified of passing a bunch of tests and apparently got flagged on one test. That situation doesn't quite resemble someone who was on a PED program of any sort, in fact it kinda lends itself to my Jones theory that maybe Lesnar just didn't quite stay on top of everything entering his body.

To be honest, none of this really matters to Lesnar. There was the 'We'll get to the bottom of this' statement released by Lesnar and the optimist in me takes that as in 'we'll find which minor detail I might have missed'. Lesnar probably doesn't care though outside of the possible damage to his personal brand as he can drift off to the WWE and maintain his career there.

He's 38-years-old so it's pretty damn difficult to see Lesnar juggling a UFC heavyweight title campaign and a WWE career any time soon, even pondering Lesnar's UFC career after that win against Hunt didn't really any positive vibes that he could be a factor in the division moving forward.

Lesnar didn't have a whole lose.

While Hunt had Lesnar sitting on top of him punching him in the face.

Hunt's stance has been admirable and we'd expect nothing less from a straight-shooting South Aucklander. Hunt adjusted his claim that he wanted half of Lesnar's shit or else...

There are a bunch of different tangents that we could go down from this point, all coming from the idea of being ripped off. Fans to gamblers, all got ripped off if Lesnar was juiced and we only have to imagine the situation where Hunt (or any other fighter) sustained life-threatening injuries or career-ending injuries at the hands of Lesnar and Lesnar was juiced up. 

I keep it positive though and if Hunt does reach a fork in the road, he may have reached that fork at the right time. Any fighter would rather be in the UFC, especially with the sale of the UFC likely to see more money flowing through the UFC and hopefully down to the second tier of fighters (not big drawcards or champions), however there's also an organisation like Bellator who would love to have Hunt on their roster. Bellator have guys like Rampage Jackson, Benson Henderson, Matt Mitrione, Wanderlei Silva, Tito Ortiz and Royce Gracie plus they had Kimbo Slive (RIP) on their roster. 

Bellator isn't quite the UFC, however they would offer Hunt a fairly hefty stack of cash to jump ship and at this stage of his career, Hunt deserves all the money that comes his way. My generally feeling is that fighting is Hunt's job, it's how he takes care of his family and that revolves around earning as much money from fighting as possible.

Whether Bellator has quite the level of PED testing, let alone a relationship with USADA like the UFC does would be the question. Bellator has big backing from commercial giant Viacom and they are building Bellator into a position where they can provide competition to the UFC, the more competition the better. Personally, I don't care what Hunt does as I'll love and follow him closely no matter what competition he is in. 

Things appear to have got worse for the UFC, so now we wait to see when things will get better.