Mystic Mac Weekly: (Conor McGregor) Hype Machine #1

Visualize it.

Visualize it.

Everything about this Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout has me excited and I have found new angles, ideas, thoughts and general stuff popping into my head every day about this upcoming fight. So with that in mind, I've decided to drop a weekly diary of sorts where I'll offer a few of those thoughts and then pull together all the McGregor-related media that I can find.

And yes, I'm attacking this from a McGregor angle. 

There's a few reasons for that starting with Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC specifically, being one of the major sport/competitions that I follow closely for the Niche Cache. El Wildcardo is our boxing expert and while he's not to fond of Mayweather, there is no one in Aotearoa who covers Joseph Parker better than Wildcard. The rise of Parker coincides nicely with the rise of the Niche Cache and many of all will be keen to read Wildcard's word on Parker's excursion to England to fight Hughie Fury. 

On the other hand, I cover the UFC with a obvious focus on the likes of Robert Whittaker and Mark Hunt who lead the #KiwiUFC charge. On top of that, I've thoroughly enjoyed observing the rise of McGregor and me getting knee-deep in the UFC has in part been due to McGregor being McGregor. 

It's not so much about me being a McGregor fan-boy and more about being intrigued by McGregor's ability to dream, speak and achieve. I myself have learned a lot from listening and watching McGregor that I have then applied to my own life, let alone all the little gems offered by his coach John Kavanagh for example. 

And then you've got the fact that McGregor is a UFC fighter who is soaring out of his MMA comfort zone, to fight an undefeated boxer who is commonly known as the best defensive boxer ever. That in itself is crazy and enough for me to do this thingy on a weekly basis.
Everyone can be inspired by what McGregor is doing, you just have to chose to be inspired.

My main thought this week centres around serious analysis of how this fight could play out. It's been weird to see mainly mainstream media instantly go down that route, which for me overlooks everything else leading into the fight and 'everything else' is what makes this all so exciting. As we draw closer to the fight, analysis and all of that will be of greater importance, yet even then it's rather difficult to offer analysis when McGregor hasn't had a boxing bout like this.

Nor has Mayweather fought someone as out-of-the-box as McGregor. That leads me to believe that any analysis offered is clutching at straws because no one knows how the fuck this fight is going to go, hence we're all so intrigued. 

And much of that analysis ends with Mayweather winning easily. I've observed McGregor enough to know that counting him out is super duper silly and given what McGregor has said he'll do, followed by doing exactly that, to put McGregor in a position where he's a severe underdog is only going to push McGregor towards a positive outcome. McGregor said he was going to hold two UFC belts and most people laughed that off, then McGregor became a dual-champion.

All I know is McGregor delivers and I know that well enough to never lean against McGregor.

Here's some funky bits and bobs regarding McGregor's training etc...