Mystic Mac Weekly: (Conor McGregor) Hype Machine #2

Believe, achieve.

Believe, achieve.

What happens when the best fighter/promoter in Mixed Martial Arts and the best boxer/promoter in boxing combine their powers? You get a never-ending supply of bits and pieces for media and fans to chew, hyping up the fight with no lull, just as you think everything is settling down from Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, they find a way to keep this fight in your sporting scope.

When you're dealing with such extremes, you've got to differentiate between what's actually interesting and what is all a bit meh. Even from the Mystic Mac bias that I operate within, it's quite irrelevant whether McGregor pushed or 'knocked down' Paulie Malignaggi, in fact that whole scenario was a bit of a yawn. The details on the knock-down and the details of what appeared to be a severe difference in understanding of why Malignaggi was invited to spar, isn't really all that important to Mayweather vs McGregor.

These details are important though when you consider that they have added more layers to this bout, more intrigue about McGregor's actually capable of in a boxing ring. Now the neutral fan has been fed a bit of hype about McGregor's boxing, which needs to be taken with a grain of salt for a variety of reasons, but regardless, the public perception of McGregor's boxing ability is shifting slightly with the peripheral drama.

Those of us who are Mystic Mac jokers, we know McGregor can box and we're incredibly optimistic about McGregor's chances, so we don't need any sort of convincing. Nuetral Ned on the other hand who is a bit unsure about whether it's worthwhile to splash out and buy the fight when he knows Mayweather is going to win, he is being drip-fed little bits of info about McGregor's ability that will lead to Neutral Ned buying the fight.

Any way, that's all just the best combat sports promoters at work.

Some actual news, legit important news was dropped this week though as the Nevada Athletic Commission agreed to change the glove weight from 10-ounces to 8-ounces. That's 283g down to 227g for us kiwis, which doesn't seem to be a whole lot, although the context around this decision is all a bit weird.

Mayweather was the boss-dawg in terms of rules, regulations, stipulations and all that stuff in the contracts. This can basically be narrowed down to; what Mayweather wants, Mayweather gets. Fair play he's a promotional machine and if he's coming out of retirement to fight some young geezer, Mayweather's well inclined to dictate all the minor details. When the fight was announced, it was agreed to use 10-ounce gloves, a decision that was almost certainly led by Mayweather - keep in mind McGregor uses 4-ounce gloves in the UFC.

Now Mayweather has decided to drop down to 8-ounce gloves. McGregor agreed to 10-ounce gloves, so he was never going to have an issue to drop down to 8-ouncers and the only slither of drama was in the health repercussions. The NAC kinda has an obligation to protect fighers and a drop in the glove weight, could be perceived as increasing the danger. Both Mayweather and McGregor weren't fussed about this and the NAC will likely earn a fair amount of dosh from this fight, so uh, nothing to see here right?

This is a weird decision for Mayweather as it only seems to benefit McGregor.

Sure, you could argue that lighter gloves will help Mayweather's hand speed.

McGregor's career and knockout power is with smaller gloves though. Anyone who believes that McGregor can win, is banking on McGregor's power doing damage in the early rounds; McGregor will only win by knocking out Mayweather, he will not 'out-box' Mayweather. In opting to use smaller gloves, Mayweather is effectively opening himself up to more damage from McGregor's power, thus increasing the chances of McGregor doing something crazy in the opening rounds.

It makes sense that with smaller gloves, McGregor's 'puncher's chance' increases. 

It also makes sense that Mayweather's lightning hand-speed is favoured with smaller gloves.

This is a fascinating aspect of the build up to a fascinating fight. As a Mysctic Mac joker, I'm all-in for the lighter gloves to be used as it'll be closer to the gloves McGregor uses in the UFC and his punches will do more damage. I can also see Mayweather's reasons for lighter gloves, although the move from Mayweather to change the weight of the gloves confuses me and if Mayweather fully understood what us Mystic Mac-ers know, Mayweather probably wouldn't be so eager to drop the glove size.

Maybe Mayweather has seen the same footage that you have of McGregor hitting the bag, footage that has led to numerous boxing folk pouring cold water all over McGregor's chances. Mayweather can't be that silly though, surely he would know better than anyone that McGregor's not going to broadcast his best boxing work and it benefits McGregor to broadcast mediocre training.

That brings me back around to the promotion. It serves Mayweather's cash stacks to drop the glove-weight and appear to hand a slight, perceived advantage to McGregor because that will only result in more pay-per-view buys. Mate, I dunno, this is fascinating on all fronts.

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