Mystic Mac Weekly: (Conor McGregor) Hype #5

Bruce Lee shit

Bruce Lee shit

Put this video on the back-burner, or watch it now. Either way, soaking up some knowledge from Chris Eubank Sr. is mandatory and not because Conor McGregor's name is in the title;

Eubank is a wizard.

That video is a credit to and Ariel Helwani, who have done a nek-level job of covering Mayweather vs McGregor. If you've been silly enough to only take in media coverage from mainstream kiwi media and/or the big dawg media out of the United States, I don't blame you for not feeling a fizz in your loins. Thanks to the comprehensive coverage from Helwani and MMAFighting, the fizz is there and it's nothing but legit.

Most of my perception regarding Mayweather vs McGregor stems from MMAFighting's coverage and it's all there on Youtube or Twitter, so go enjoy their work. I've absorbed the range of different opinions that MMAFighting has offered and nailed these down into a guide, a viewing guide as such. You're most likely going to be watching this fight with a group, your homies and everyone's going to be talking shit, everyone will have an opinion and in these situations, you need thoughts and ideas that are easy to deliver and make your homies stop and think for a second.

So here's some hard and fast thoughts on what could go down in the ring. Take them in like a hard and fast buckie, then blow 'em out tomorrow afternoon as you step up to the shit-talking plate...

Floyd Mayweather will win if it goes the distance, Conor McGregor's best chance of victory is an early KO.

If McGregor wins by KO after the 7th round, it will be more shocking than an early KO. 

Mayweather wants to take McGregor into deep waters, so those later rounds will be where McGregor's fitness, mental stamina and skill will be most tested.

Mayweather has to endure the mayhem of the opening rounds which will be when he has to suss out McGregor's style and power.

DO NOT expect Mayweather to make this entertaining.

The best way for Mayweather to win is to out-box McGregor and as the best defensive boxer ever, that will involve a whole lot of defence.

McGregor is not here to out-box Floyd Mayweather, he is here to win a fight against Mayweather. Destroy any pre-conceived notions about what boxing looks like and enjoy McGregor's style.

McGregor will do weird shit, yet it's all under the martial arts umbrella. This is a martial artist taking on the craziest challenge out there, as premier martial artists do.

A lot will depend on Mayweather though; does Mayweather step forward or settle right into his defensive wizardry. 

McGregor's camp has plans for both, so when watching the early rounds, peep how Mayweather is moving. If Mayweather is moving forward then he's opening things up for an early KO, if he's moving back then this will be a long fight - so what ya reckon Mayweather will do? Duh.

Watch Mayweather's feet, note what's happening and relay that to your homies.

In MMA, McGregor is a master of distance. He's out of range then he is in range, then he's out.

This is related to McGregor's emphasis on 'movement' training and when you watch these videos (Youtube that), it's all about being fluid. How this translates to boxing where movements are more rigid, will be funky.

Distance control could make things weird for Mayweather as McGregor won't recklessly come forward - he'll be in and out - and McGregor will happily sit outside Mayweather's range with sporadic bursts inside. If Mayweather can't land shots because McGregor's out of range, he's not getting points.

Be prepared for anything. This fight is fascinating because we won't know what McGregor's up to until he's in the ring. He could literally do anything (within the rules), so keep an open mind.

One of McGregor's little side projects is McGregor F.A.S.T. This is a conditioning program launched by McGregor after his loss to Nate Diaz, a fight in which he ran out of gas and got submitted, then he won a five-round war against Diaz in the second fight. McGregor understands fitness, so I'm not convinced McGregor will run out of gas in the latter rounds of this fight.

That makes the last six rounds an almighty moment in sports. You will be watching a boxer who is renowned for making the last six rounds count through superior mental and physical stamina, fight an MMA fighter who has never been in that situation ... but McGregor has been in a similar situation and McGregor places a huge emphasis on fitness, stamina and more importantly implmenting modern methods to such an old school art.

I want to see McGregor in those last few rounds, I want to see what he's got in those last few rounds, I want to witness his martial arts wizardry when he's in Mayweather's deep waters.

McGregor is bigger than Mayweather and in-between the weigh-in and the fight, McGregor will re-hydrate and be much bigger than Mayweather in the ring. Mayweather will obviously be fast, nimble and all of that, but McGregor's size could play a role here as well. 

There are many crazy things going down in the world, so much negativity, violence and utter stupidity from people in suits. This fight is not the worst thing happening in the world, so simply enjoy the fight. 

Peace and love 27.