Lydia Ko June 2018 Mixtape

We building.

We building.

Four tournaments for Lydia Ko in June and with three top-20 finishes and a tied-31st, it was a bloody fantastic June for Ko. Of course, that all depends on how you view Ko's current wave that she's on and here at the Niche Cache, we're hugely positive about Ko regardless of whether she's winning tournaments. That stems from realistic expectations and a solid June, with a top-10 finish sprinkled in there, could be a sign of patience and playing the long game, paying off.

Ko started June at the ShopRite LPGA Classic, where she finished 17T and then followed it up with a 3rd at the Meijer LPGA Classic. This was Ko's second top-5 finish this year and she then finished 9T at the Arkansas Championship, which saw Ko string together 10-straight rounds across those three tournaments where she shot under-par.

Last weekend Ko put together a hum-dinger of a second round at the Women's PGA Championship, shooting -6 to put her in the mix of another top-10 finish but with the other three round all coming in over-par, Ko eventually finished 31T. 

I'm not expecting Ko to come out and win a bunch of tournaments, or consistently get top-5 finishes, but Ko is definitely improving. In 2018, Ko has five top-10 results, four of which have come in her last seven tournaments and the consistency in her schedule could be the biggest factor in her performances. Ko played all four tournaments in June, which when including the last tournament in May (US Women's Open) is five consecutive tournaments and now she is set to play in the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic this weekend; six consecutive tournaments.

If Ko can seal a top-20 or top-10 result this weekend, it would cap of a delightful six-week run for her and she'd be nicely set up to keep improving in the second half of the year. Six weeks with three top-10 finishes? That would a huge shift in Ko's play from the start of this year and even four of six weeks with a top-20 finish would point to Ko rolling out consistently solid performances.

Here's how Ko's major stats have changed from May to June...

Driving Accuracy

May: 69.18% (93rd)
June: 69.08% (94th)

Greens In Regulation

May: 67.36% (69th)
June: 68.42% (64th)

Putts Per GIR

May: 1.78 (18th)
June: 1.76 (8th)

Putting Average

May: 28.88 (4th)
June: 28.63 (3rd)

Scoring Average

May: 70.88 (23rd)
June: 70.39 (15th)

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