#KiwiNRL Encyclopedia: Grand Final Preview


Roosters vs Raiders


Starting: Joseph Manu, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Isaac Liu.

Bench/Extended Bench: Zane Tetevano, Sio Siua Taukeiaho.

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Always was a childhood dream! 💯

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Starting: Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, Jordan Rapana, Iosia Soliola, Joseph Tapine.

Bench/Extended Bench: Bailey Simonsson/Siliva Havili.

Doc's Word

NRL Grand Final time and we have a total of 11 #KiwiNRL players named across both club's squads of 22. Of those 11 players, Bailey Simonsson is the only player who wasn't born and raised in Aotearoa, although Simonsson is also the only player who has an All Black as a father and who has represented Aotearoa Sevens rugby.

Isaac Liu (Otahuhu Leopards), Sio Siua Taukeiaho (Otara Scorpions), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (City Newton Dragons), Iosia Soliola (Marist Saints) and Siliva Havili (Manurewa Marlins) are from Auckland. Joseph Manu (Tokoroa High School), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Rotorua) and Zane Tetevano (Pacific Sharks) are from the Waikato region. Bailey Simonsson's connection to Aotearoa is through Bay of Plenty/Waikato as his father was born and raised in Tauranga, then representing Waikato in rugby. Jordan Rapana (Wellington) and Joseph Tapine (Harbour City Eagles) are both from Wellington; five from Auckland, four from Waikato/BOP and two from Wellington.

There are also players in either club's wider squad who haven't been named in the respective Grand Final squads, but who have helped their club get to the Grand Final. The Roosters enjoyed steady service from forwards Poasa Fa'amausili (Glenora Bears) who played 12 games this year and Sitili Tupouniua (Marist Saints) who played 16 games. Siliva Havili is unlikely to play in the GF, although he has played 22 games this season and started the season at hooker in the absence of Josh Hodgson before his nice form demanded further selection as a middle forward. The Raiders have a bunch of other #KiwiNRL lads in their reserve grade set up, most notably Ata Hingano who hasn't played NRL footy this season.

Below are the season average stats for each player via Fox Sports Lab for the #KiwiNRL players named for the GF...

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad:

25 games, 79.6mins, 17.2 runs, 160m, 3.1 tackle busts, 0.8 offloads, 3.8 tackles/0.6 missed tackles.

9.3m/run, 6.33 tackles/miss.

Iosia Soliola:

25, 38.4mins, 10 run, 88m, 0.4tb, 0.2off, 25.2t/0.9mt.

8.8m/run, 28t/miss.

Jordan Rapana:

20 games, 74.6min, 13.1 runs, 106m, 2.6tb, 0.5off, 4.1t/1.1mt.

8.09m/run, 3.72t/miss.

Bailey Simonsson:

20 games, 67.5mins, 14.3 runs, 118m, 2.1tb, 0off, 2.6t/0.7mt.

8.25m/run, 3.71t/miss.

Joseph Tapine:

16 games, 44.8mins, 8.4 runs, 72m, 1.1tb, 0.3off, 20.4t/1mt.

8.57m/run, 20.4t/miss

Joseph Manu:

24 games, 77.9mins, 11.3 runs, 97m, 2.5tb, 1.2off, 11.9t/2.1mt.

8.58m/run, 5.66t/miss.

Isaac Liu:

23 games, 45.2mins, 9.1 runs, 87m, 0.8tb, 0off, 23.5t/0.9mt.

9.5m/run, 26.11t/miss.

Sio Siua Taukeiaho:

20 games, 45.9mins, 13.5runs, 138m, 1.5tb, 0.5off, 21.3t/0.9mt.

10.22m/run, 23.66t/miss.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves:

19 games, 50.8mins, 14.4 runs, 128m, 0.5tb, 0.9off, 26.8t/1.5mt.

8.88m/run, 17.86t/miss.

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