Diary Of An Aotearoa Warriors Fan: Let The Warriors Be (Weirdos)


Offering an opinion on any type of drama at Mt Smart is a tedious task, even more so when Aotearoa Warriors aren't offering anything on the field to genuinely discuss. All the issues with the NRL team are the same right now, as they have been in the past and this makes it near impossible to offer advice or insight because no one actually knows what is going to fix on-field performances.

As I've stated many times, I have a feel for where the club is heading and I like the long-term prospects of Aotearoa Warriors being the hub for rugby league in Aotearoa. Convincing you of that though, well other than expressing my vibe, I ain't here to convince you of anything because just like me, you have witnessed the same cycle on repeat for 25 years. Depending on your disposition, everything is aligning nicely as the lacklustre NRL team is now on the same level as a drama-filled boardroom.

News came through yesterday of issues between the owners of the Warriors, some jokers named Autex and another group of jokers who are aligned with Auckland Rugby League. Based on what I've absorbed on the matter, it seems as though the Autex group have different opinions on the amount of investment that should flow into the Warriors to that of ARL or the Carlaw Heritage Trust. You will read and hear a lot of bull-kaka, you might even see the word 'war' thrown around in typical mainstream media fashion, all you as fans need to know via my lens is that Autex want a powerhouse and ARL/CHT don't seem to be overly keen to follow up on their big talk.

I may be out of sync with this as trying to make sense of drama between grown men is difficult, but again; my interpretation is that Autex want sole control to have the freedom to push the club where they want to go. There were some good vibes when ARL came in as an owner of the Warriors because that gave the Warriors a direct link to grass-roots footy in Auckland, a wholesome relationship that would be for the betterment of rugby league in the area. Maybe, this wasn't quite the case.

General public and fans don't need to know a whole lot more. Who ever owns the Warriors shouldn't be high on your agenda, as long as you know that the Warriors are getting the investments into the club that are more than adequate. A solid, stable, delightful ownership group would be lovely and that's nek level ownership, generally speaking though as long as the club gets what it needs from the owners, all good.

I do not believe fans should be concerned or delighted, about the club going through another sale process to a different ownership group. My hunch is that Autex will make a major play to take over the full ownership, maybe bringing in other parties to get the cash and pay out ARL/CHT. That will be niggly as fuck because ARL/CHT will be deep in their feelings, but whatever. That's why you stay out of such ownership situations.

To bring this back into where the Warriors are at right now, there are some very weird vibes coming from the club. Coach Stephen Kearney appears to be delusional in his assessment of the NRL team, Cameron George can't keep his mouth shut and the boardroom have somehow gone from doing a deal together to bickering in less than two years. The NRL team are blatantly not responding to any challenge laid in front of them, to the point where there isn't much to say in terms of breaking down Warriors games any more.

Right now, this NRL team and dramas around the team don't deserve your attention or mine. The group of wahine who are preparing for the second NRLW competition will receive the bulk of my Warriors coverage, while there will be some interesting nuggets about the junior system popping up.

Don't get your knickers in a twist about anything at the Warriors, don't give up the control you have on your happiness or good vibes to an NRL club. Let the Warriors bask in their own woes and send a prayer up that this professional organisation can assess their performances on and off the field, then suss out how to move forward into next season.

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Peace and love 27.