Footy Rhubarb


Team of the Week:

                                          Begovic (Stoke City)

       Jones (West Brom)            Senderos (Fulham)                Chico (Swansea)

Townsend (Spurs)        Ramsey (Arsenal)       Oscar (Chelsea)     Silva (Man City)

                                         Ozil (Arsenal)      Hazard (Chelsea

                                                 Aguero (Man City)

Hero of the Week:


Heroes of the week include Aguero, Ozil and Hazard after they were all at the double for their respective teams. Aguero was the star performer as City defeated West Ham to earn their first away win of the season! It’s been somewhat of a hoodoo for City so far having not won on the road so they’ll be relieved to have been able to tick that off as they have been relying on their fantastic home form so far. Aguero is one of the most deadly strikers in the league and as long as he keeps fit then City have got every chance of getting top spot, they just need to stop leaking goals. Ozil has been an unbelievable success since his arrival with plenty of assists and goals which has transformed Arsenal into a team with more cutting edge and ruthlessness. One of his two goals on the weekend was an impressive header which he is by no means known for so to see him score such a goal makes you wonder what he CAN’T do. Hazard also got a double against Cardiff to put himself in the hero category despite his second goal being more of a goalkeeping mistake by Marshall, nevertheless Hazard made Chelsea tick to gain vital 3-points.

Goals, Goals, Goals:

A special mention this week has to go three breath-taking goals from Wilshere, Kasami, and Sidwell. Great goals are always scored in the Premier League but these 3 are really something and I would borderline illegal to not give them a viewing, get in it.





Nipple of the Week:

Nipple of the week has be Cardiff Keeper Marshall. Against Chelsea he had a shocker, the sort of games that every keeper inevitably has but also dreads. First Eto’o stole the ball off him after he bounced it on the ground before clearing it, then he let Oscar’s goal loop over him when he probably should have got a palm to it, and then he let Hazards second goal slip under his body to cap off a horrible 90 minutes. To be honest his first mistake where Eto’o cheekily stole the ball off him should have been called back for a foul, he still had control of the ball and the rules state that the keepr has to lose control of the ball or drop it in order for a player to be able to make such an interception – clearly Marshall was just bouncing it. However he knew that Eto’o was right behind him, in fact the striker was basically sitting on his shoulder so why bounce the ball? Why act so casual and lazy? Why take the risk? Sunderland also made themselves look like a bunch of nipples this weekend as Poyet’s first game as Di Canio’s replacement resulted in a 4-0 thrashing by Swansea – 2 of the goals being own goals. They say mistakes are made so we can learn from then, Sunderland have failed to do so.