Mourinho's Notebook - November 14

Keano Calls The Cops

A bit of a drama in the Ireland camp this week. Details are murky, but there was an ‘altercation’ between a member of the Irish camp and a member of the public, which resulted in the Gardaí (the Irish state police force) being called to their hotel. It’s been confirmed that it was assistant manager Roy Keane who called them, though no arrests or complaints have been laid. Manager Martin O’Neill and the Irish Football Association have given Keano their full support.

The rumour is that Keano refused to sign a copy of his new autobiography. An ambulance was called and a man ended up in hospital, whether or not this was even related we don’t know. We’re hearing words like ‘fight’ and ‘bust-up’ and ‘clash’ but who cares, really? It’s just nice to have Angry Keane back after a few weeks of silence.

Ronaldo <3 Messi

This from Guillem Balagué’s unnecessary MESSI biography. Why do people write books about players still mid-career? It’s like watching the Godfather if it ended just before the restaurant scene.

Speaking of Mr CR7, he even celebrates after training goals.


Yes, sometimes it is possible to take the game of football too far. Like this fellow, Sandro Wieser of FC Arau in the Swiss Super League. Weiser goes launching into FC Zurich's Gilles Yapi Yalo, in a challenge so ugly that Yapi Yalo tore interior and cruciate ligaments in his knee, along with some serious cartilage damage, a torn meniscus, a torn kneecap and some deep bruising. Naturally, there was a red card that followed.

Weiser apologised pretty much immediately, as well as in the locker room afterwards and on facebook. It’s not enough for FC Zurich president Ancillo Canepa however. He’s taking up legal action for assault.

Yo' ass getting sued, boy.

Check This Out - Every Goal From The 1966 World Cup!

And all giffed. Very cool. Click Geoff Hurst for the link.

Gazza’s Guitar

This is what happens when Gary Neville, Manchester United legend, asks Noel Gallagher, Manchester City Uber-fan, to sign a guitar for him.

Doesn’t Angel Di Mario Look A Lot Like Author Franz Kafka?

Aw Goddammit, That’s Disgusting!

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