The Premier League Is Back: A Poetic Celebration

A season on the verge... ( )

A season on the verge... (


Another World Cup come and gone

Another crowning glory

Another nation sings its song

One more triumphant story


But how will Ozil, Per and Pol

Look back in cold North London?

Or Sanchez with his tricks and goals

And Arsenal’s other gunmen?


Can Liverpool recapture all

The promise of last season,

Without the goals of Suarez or

His teeth and lack of reason?


At least the Reds have half a team

Unlike poor ol’ Southampton

Who sold em all for pork and beans

Shaw, Lallana, Lambert, Lovren…



To rally up the boys

Just how he goes we’ll wait and see

But he can’t be worse than Moyes!


Mourinho has flashed the gold

In tightening Chelsea’s roster

Like Cesc’s return to shores of old

And combative Diego Costa


Man City they are champions still

And hoping for a replay

Though this time round be sure, they will

To wish Yaya Happy Birthday!


We welcomed West Ham to NZ

They sure do blow some bubbles

But without the threat of Carroll’s head

They might just have some trouble


Newcastle too, they came and played

For all of us down under

A bunch of transfers Pardew’s made

Mais il parle français, I wonder?


The promoted three are bound to be

Struggling for survival

Though 'tween ‘Arry’s fees and Rio’s knees

QPR might still go viral


Could Everton be threatening

With Barkley and Lukaku?

Could Tottenham keep up with them

With goals from poor Soldado?


You’ve got Sunderland among the pack

That could either soar or flail

Like Villa with Benteke back

And Swansea reppin’ Wales


Stoke are not a team you’d like

To catch midweek in winter

And West Brom too know how to strike

And put your legs in splinters


Hull fresh from a Cup Final

And Palace without Pulis

The EPL is almost here now

Finally, let’s do this!


 - Wildcard