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It’s a word that Louis Van Gaal has used half to death since joining Manchester United: Philosophy.

We don’t really know what he means other than within the broad strokes of a passing game, technical quality, versatility and doing whatever LVG tells you to, but some have bought into that Philosophy, while others have not. Those who have not find they don’t stick around much longer.

The latest to fall afoul of Not Following The Philosophy was backup keeper Victor Valdes. Left out of the MUFC preseason tour squad, immediately speculation began to mount as to his future. The 33 year old was offered an 18 month contract by LVG to try and resurrect his career after injuries had ended his time at Barcelona. But he barely played beyond David De Gea in his six months last season and LVG had these scathing words to say about his recent exclusion:

“Valdes is not selected [for the tour] because he doesn't follow my philosophy. The philosophy is how you play football and how you maintain your match rhythm. He refused last year to play in the second team. There are a lot of other aspects in the philosophy how you have to play like a goalkeeper at Manchester United. When you are not willing [to apply] the principles of that philosophy there is only one way, and that is out.”

Yeah, so… not looking good for Valdes’ hopes of getting that number one jersey if DDG leaves to Madrid. However Valdes did hit back with a retort of his own.

There you go, Louis. Three examples of Valdes playing for the U21s. He even lowered his brow enough to sit with the filthy children for a quick photograph.

Long-Toothed Luis

Ya know, when you get a reputation it can be pretty hard to break it. Luis Suarez knows that better than anyone as he continues to be the butt of biting jokes.

The latest (and one of the greatest) comes from children’s author Peter Barron, who has cast a red football jersey wearing vampire named Luis in his latest effort.

RIP Alcides Ghiggia

You may not have heard of him, but the Uruguayan legend, who has just died aged 88, was responsible for one of the most iconic moments in World Cup history.

Ghiggia scored the winning goal in the 1950 final for Uruguay against Brazil, in a 2-1 win still described by many as Brazil’s most devastating defeat. Yep, not even 7-1 has been able to surpass it. Ghiggia popped up with 10 minutes to play at the Maracanã, in front of around 200,000 passionate fans, to score the decisive goal that shattered a nation.

“Only three people have silenced the Maracanã: The Pope, Frank Sinatra and me.” – Alcides Ghiggia

Ghiggia was the last surviving member of that 1950 World Cup winning Uruguay squad, and what makes his death so poetic is that he passed away on the 65th anniversary of his famous goal.

Younes Kaboul’s Agent in 2008:

“Younes would not join Sunderland - even if there was an earthquake. We've much more interesting options. No disrespect, but playing at Sunderland would not help his international career."

Flash forward to 2015:

Hull City, WTF?

Clasico Footballers As 50s Stars

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