El Niche Cache vs James Pamment (ND Knights Coach)

 Not a 1-outs

Not a 1-outs

How do you go about your end of season reviews with players?

We have a template that the players complete post season, this gives them the opportunity to self-reflect on their individual season performances, the teams performances, the NDCA Environment and where they feel their priorities for improvement lie across the key areas of Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental and Personal development.

From there, the players have a review meeting with the Coaching Staff. Coach, Skill-set Coaches (Bat/Bowl), S/C Coach, Physio and Performance Psychologist. Post that meeting a set of recommended 'work-ons' are established and this forms the basis of the players IPP (Individual Performance Plan).
Was there a key message that you left with the players as they headed into the off-season?

Enjoy getting back to a normal life. Get excited about what we can achieve as a group moving towards the 2017/18 season.
Explain the move to bring Brent Arnel back to Northern Districts...

Brent was keen to relocate back to Hamilton for family reasons. We were delighted’ having spoken to him about the move back north, to secure his services again. He’s been a very consistent performer over a long number of years and his professional approach and experience, will be a major boost to our predominantly youthful seam attack.

How do you keep tabs on players playing overseas over winter and ensure that they are on track for ND, as well as exploring the cricketing world?

Social Media! There’s no hiding place these days. Our S/C Coach Scott Wren is in touch on a regular basis to ensure the boys overseas are not enjoying the local hospitality to the detriment of their physical development.
What's the biggest challenge with having so many Blackcaps who are in and out of ND teams throughout the summer?

Given that our BC’s are among the more regular BCs across all forms, they are more out than in. Having them around is great, they always integrate really well and bring outstanding knowledge and work ethics with them. The only challenge comes when they are there for a very short period of time, either between formats or post an International series. It something we deal with and always look at it, in a positive manner.

How have you spent the off-season as head coach?

April: Reviews Players and Staff.
May: Rest and Recovery
June: Planning, Staff, Season Calendars, Spring Camp Schedules, Travel logistics, Accommodation, Personal Development.
July: More Planning, Off Season Technical work 1-1 sessions with the players who want to start early. Coach Education.
August: 1-1 Sessions and Group Sessions around our region. Team Development along with senior players and staff.
How do you find inspiration for new ideas, tactics, training methods?

The players are the biggest source of innovation we have, however as staff we are always watching, listening and talking about how we can improve on what we have done before. We have had the benefit of tapping in to Daniel Vettori and his experiences in the IPL and Big Bash.

Like the rest of the staff I am a big reader and follower of many sports and business leaders. We look for things that are relevant to us and don’t try to copy for the sake of copying. Our S/C Coach works closely with NZC and The University of Waikato to ensure we are helping the physical development of our cricketers.
What do you view as the most exciting aspect of domestic cricket now and moving into the future?

The quality of the cricket is improving across all formats, it is exciting to see the development of the young players. Many young players are making their mark on the first class scene very quickly
What advice would you offer to an aspiring young person? 

Enjoy being enthusiastic and passionate about the game, be positive, be grateful, be open to learning & be on time! Work hard, want to get better daily and surround yourself with good people.
Is there something about being a domestic cricket coach that fans may not understand/be surprised to hear from your experience?

I’m sure each Coach carries out different responsibilities that may surprise a few punters, given their respective environments. At the moment I’m throwing approx. 2500 balls a day in training (and loving it) and during Spring Camp, you’ll find me at Pak'n'Save at 7am buying the food for the lunches!